World’s #1 Sport Star Opens Vegan Restaurant

This likeable young man has become one of the most successful sport stars ever. His popularity seems to be matchless. Recently, he disclosed his secret of his unparalleled success by referring to his diet habits. In fact, he confessed that his diet has not only changed his game but his entire life. However, the world’s number one tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, took it one step further and opened a new vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo where he uses to live with his wife. If you should happen to visit Monte Carlo, make sure to drop a visit at Equita, his new vegan restaurant.

“Novak Djokovic isn’t just ranked number one in the world for men’s singles tennis—he’s also a fan of clean eating. After he stopped eating meat last year, he said, “My diet hasn’t just changed my game, it’s changed my life—my wellbeing.”

Recently, the tennis star opened a vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo, where he lives full-time with his wife, Jelena.

going vegan health benefits

Aren’t they just the cutest?

going vegan health benefits

We’ll leave you with this inspiring quote, courtesy of Novak: “[T]he fuel … determines how I play, how I recover and how alert I am on the court. … I attribute a great deal of my professional success to my diet.”

going vegan health benefits

We wish the plant-powered pro all the luck in the world at this year’s U.S. Open!”


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