Reap These 5 Awesome Health Benefits By Going Vegan

People go vegan for different reasons. Some do it for health purposes, some for environmental reasons and some out of compassion for the animals who suffer terribly from the treatment of factory farmers. However, there is something that’s not up for debate which are the awesome health benefits someone reaps if he or she goes vegan. So, if you shouldn’t be vegan or even interested to ever go vegan but you still want to take full advantage of the following 5 benefits, you should try out the vegan lifestyle. And after experiencing those benefits in your life it might very well convince you that the vegan lifestyle is just right for you.

“From glowing skin to stronger hair, vegan diet expert Lee Watson explains the health benefits of following a vegan plan

Thinking of switching to a vegan diet? Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Bill Clinton and Jared Leto are some of the celebrities who have enjoyed the health, weight loss and beauty benefits of a vegan diet plan.

But even if you don’t fancy cutting out meat and dairy completely, introducing more vegan recipes into your cooking can help you feel and look better.  

We asked Lee Watson, author of new vegan recipe book Peace And Parsnips to talk us through the health and beauty benefits that come from embracing veganism. 

going vegan health benefitsNatalie Portman, who has written about the environmental benefits of veganism


“Following a plant-based vegan diet will give you glowing skin. Not only does the water packed into fruits and veggies help to hydrate your skin, there are loads of vitamins and minerals which will give it a boost. For example, fatty acids in avocados, iron and B vitamins in Kale and omega-3 fatty acids in nuts and seeds are all amazing for radiant skin.”


“Cucumber contains the mineral silica which helps to strengthen collagen in the body and feed your nails. Vitamin A found in broccoli and apricots will also help stop nails becoming brittle and dry.” 


“Avocados contain healthy fats that help moisturise your hair follicles and keep hair stronger for longer. Chia seeds and kale are also loaded with iron and B vitamins to help strengthen hair.” 

going vegan health benefits

Jared Leto sticks to a vegan diet plan (the green hair is not a side-effect) 

Weight management

“A vegan diet is the healthiest and most sustainable way to lose weight in a natural way. Following a vegan diet can help you maintain a healthy weight by omitting certain unhealthy animal fats from your diet, plus generally increasing your fibre and wholegrain intake which leaves you fuller for longer. Plant-based meals are also generally lower in calories than recipes containing dairy or animal products.” 


“Shifting your diet to include wholesome plant-based foods instead of processed and “unnatural” foods will have a huge effect on your energy levels. Fruit, wholegrains, beans, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all proven to help you feel and look great.”



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