This Company Is Going To Feed The World With Plant-Based Protein

By now, it has become crystal clear that factory farming is responsible for almost half of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. This is a fact and cannot be ignored by neither meat eater nor vegans. Against this background, everybody knows that a widely meat-based culture is not going to provide a sustainable approach for the future. Fortunately, there are companies such as Beyond Meat that are looking for ways and solutions to feed the world’s population with plant-based protein in the future. There are several other companies which follow this example. Watch the video below to learn more about this awesome approach that could make the days of meat-based protein come to an end soon.

“The average American eats 80.6 pounds of beef very year. Since farming cattle is water and land-intensive—and responsible for between 18 and 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions—companies like Beyond Meat are racing to diversify protein sources that will feed the world’s population for as long as possible. In this feature episode of If Our Bodies Could Talk, senior editor James Hamblin travels across California to learn about the science and psychology of diversifying people’s protein-intake portfolio.”


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