How The Seeds Of This Vegan Food Destroys 80% Of Cancer Cells

Cancer is vicious and destroys the lifes of millions of cancer patients yearly. The pharmaceutical companies seem to offer only one remedy for it which is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this therapy is in almost every case in vain. It only prolonges the suffering of cancer patients giving them the most hard time of their life due to the awful side effects of this method. However, there is good news being brought to the world by the Kentucky University. The findings of its latest study have been published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal giving evidence that grape seeds can succeed to destroy almost 80% of cancer cells. Read on to learn more about this scientific breakthrough!

“Today cancer is the deadliest disease in the world and millions of dollars are invested in trying to find a cure for it.

Even though people are aware that a cure does exist, the big pharmaceutical companies still keep it a secret for their own profit. That is why we’re sharing the results of a research conducted by the Kentucky University that showed very promising results. It is known that there are many alternative treatments that can fight off cancer and this is one of them. Namely, it’s been discovered that grape seeds can eliminate almost 80% of cancer cells! Yes, those tiny seeds we all spit out when we eat grapes. Who’d have thought?

Luckily, the research is available to the public since it was published in the American Association for Cancer Research’s journal and now you can spread the word so that people would get informed and eventually save themselves or their loved ones from this horrible disease.

Cancer is the fastest growing disease in the world and it’s killing millions of people every year. Millions of dollars are invested each year into research and studies in an effort to find a cure for this disease but apparently there is no cure yet.

However, we know that the cure exists but the big pharmaceutical companies decided to keep it a secret, on the expense of millions lives lost. They wouldn’t stand to profit if a cure is found so they keep it hidden from the public.

Despite what pharmaceutical companies want us to believe, we’re here to share with you the results of a research conducted by the Kentucky University, which yielded very promising results. The researchers discovered that grape seeds can kill almost 80% of cancer cells!

This research was published in the American Association for Cancer Research’s journal and is now available to the public. Even though there are a number of studies which reveal alternative cures for cancer there are still millions of people who die every day because of cancer. It’s sad, but now that you have this information you can try to spread it to all your loved ones so that the word gets out there. The more people know about this the more people have the chance to get better.”



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    I don’t know about everyone else, but when I clicked on the links in this article for further information, they were all either bogus links to adds or brought up important security issues on my computer.

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