Why This Vegan Food Beats The Efficacy Of Chemotherapy By 10,000 Times

When it comes to curing cancer, chemotherapy is still regarded to be the adequate remedy. Unfortunately, people who use to undergo chemotherapy suffer from terrible pain. However, it even gets worse as researches made by a Berkeley college professor proved that people even used to die 12 years earlier when treated with chemotherapy than people who had not been treated with chemotherapy. Fortunately, there is hope for cancer patients as there is a fruit called Graviola which is found in South America, or to be more exact, in the Amazon River basin that is highly effective at destroying cancerous cells. The Amazon natives have been taken advantage of this remedy for thousands of years with stunning success. Read on to learn more about this vegan food with its awesome health benefits. 

“There is a growing number of articles promoting the health benefits of Graviola nowadays, and numerous studies investigating the same subject. Namely, apart from its innumerate health benefits, it is also reported to have “powerful effects at stopping cancer.”

Graviola tree is found in South America, more specifically, in the Amazon River basin. It is usually about 15-30 feet tall, but packs a strong nutritional punch.

Its fruit has a delicious custard-like texture and a striking, “spiked melon”- like appearance, but most of the best health benefits are actually found in the leaves and bark. Hence, the Graviola tree bark and the leaves have been consumed in healing teas by the Amazon natives for thousands of years to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to parasites and liver issues.

Graviola, also known as soursop, is believed to be “10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy” at killing cancerous cells, which basically positions it as the answer to one of the most devastating diseases of this era.

While these magnificent possible cancer-killing properties of Graviola have been disputed by government agencies, this popular Amazon superfood is proven to be offering a wide variety of other benefits to help protect and boost your health. Some of these are the following:

-Support for your entire immune system

-Help in stimulating blood circulation within your system

-Highly active antioxidant compounds, offering protection against aging
-Assistance in draining the lympathic system

Graviola’s properties which boost the immune system have been approved by the FDA, which is not the case with its anti-cancer effects. Moreover, the government agency asked websites which published information about the anti-cancer effects of Graviola to remove those claims or they would face stiff penalties.

Even though the FDA doesn’t agree with anti-cancer studies that show Graviola’s potential for selectively targeting and killing cancer cells within the body, a great number of people continue to take it for that purpose. Furthermore, there is much independent research on Graviola’s purported anti-cancer effects. Unfortunately, there are no long-term human studies on Graviola for cancer and other diseases it is believed to be effective against.

Purdue University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences conducted the biggest and most comprehensive study on the anti-cancer effects of Graviola, which investigated substances in the tree called annonaceous acetogenins.”

Read the full article at Healthy Food House.


  1. Judy Lall Reply

    This fruit is also found in the island of Trinidad in the carribean. Further more it is not considered a vegan fruit,just a fruit!

  2. Ben Bedient Reply

    I’ll ask prince Zabutti if he has heard of it when we meet up and he reimburses me for helping him get his $10,000,000 out of Zimbabwa.

  3. Going Vegan Reply

    South Africa was a typo which has been corrected. Of course, it’s South America! If you had read the original article, you would have noticed the typo right away as it’s written there properly 🙂

  4. Jessica Huggins Bedient Reply

    Thanks for responding. I did read the article, and do agree with the basic principles. Obviously chemotherapy is poison, eating vegan and most indigenous diets greatly decrease cancer risks (IMHO). I am certain that the fruit covered in the article is beneficial (most fruits are right?) 😉 It’s sometimes just so hard to differentiate between actual information and research, vs the “miracle cure” sales pitches these days. The typo made me question this article, but I try not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Thanks again!

  5. Going Vegan Reply

    Jessica Huggins Bedient Thank you, too! I agree 100% with what you wrote. If this misunderstanding is settled, then I want to ask you to change or cancel your comment you wrote above – if you don’t mind – saying the article is questionable. As it’s your comment I don’t want to do that myself 🙂

  6. Peter Cooper Reply

    Extracts of this plant have shown to kill some types of liver and breast cancer cells, but only in a petri dish in a lab; a petri dish is an entirely different environment to the human body, which is why many things that show promise at killing cancer cells in a petri dish do not happen when applied to humans. Consuming large amounts of soursop (and pawpaw, which is from the same family) can lead to neurotoxicity, as it contains a neurotoxin which causes Parkinson’s Disease-type symptoms and brain lesions; this is commonly seen in communities where they consume large amounts of this fruit.

    Some cancers do not need chemotherapy – if caught early enough – and some types only respond to chemotherapy treatment; cancer treatment in itself is a multi-prong approach and usually includes a mixture of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medication which targets specific cells (Tamoxifen and Herceptin are examples of medication which specifically target cells with certain hormone receptor sites), surgery and lifestyle changes.

    It makes me mad when I see websites like this spread information which is not true, as there are people out there who have cancer and will read what is on that website, then decide to forego chemotherapy/radiation therapy/surgery/pharmaceutical therapy and decide to treat themselves with substances which have not been proven to work, which then causes the cancer to spread. It also affects many people who have exhausted every therapy possible as the cancer was too advanced, so pallative care is the only option but charlatans prey on their desperation and sell them expensive, unproven concoctions.

    I think it is really important to be critical and sceptical of cancer-killing claims, especially when the claims have not been back up by extensive, peer-reviewed research.

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