This Country Has Launched Its First Vegan Tube-Station Takeover

Passionate vegans look for any way to make people more sensitive to the suffering of animals. However, by overtaking an entire tube-station in order to advertise for a vegan lifestyle PETA UK went definitely the extra mile. Its purpose is to encourage people to show compassion to animals by simply ditching any animal products. While multi-million companies advertise for meat products PETA UK wanted to undermine this approach by advertising for just the opposite reminding people that cows, pigs, and chickens are very sentient beings just like human beings and deserve therefore to be treated alike. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary campaign!

Animal Advocacy Charity PETA has launched the UK’s first FULL vegan tube-station (Subway) takeover on New Year’s Eve to encourage commuters to pledge to help animals, protect the environment, and get healthy by going vegan in 2017.

“Cows, chickens, and pigs are no different from human beings when it comes to feeling pain and fear and valuing their lives,” said Peta Director Elisa Allen. 

PETA UK is encouraging people everywhere to show compassion to animals by skipping meat-based meals and choosing humane and healthy vegan fare instead.

We caught up with PETA Director Elisa Allen, Director PETA UK and asked her a few questions about the campaign.

Tell us a bit about how the campaign came about, who designed it and what inspired you guys to do it?

People are constantly bombarded with advertisements for meat products. We wanted to counteract those by sharing a message of compassion and reminding commuters that cows, pigs, and chickens are not steaks, burgers, or nuggets – but rather living, feeling beings.

Did you plan for it to appear on the tube shortly after Veganuary’s posters on the London tube?

We’ve had the campaign planned for several months and were thrilled to see Veganuary’s posters splashed across tube carriages – there’s no such thing as having too many pro-vegan adverts!

Why Clapham Common Station of all stations in London?

The location was chosen based on its footfall and availability in the New Year.

Is it possible to measure the success of a campaign like this?

As with many of our campaigns, we’ll be looking for a spike in the number of requests for our free vegan starter kit.

Big Ag is spending billions on advertising, how can we ever hope to compete? 

It’s hard to reach many people by handing out leaflets, so out of necessity, social causes must be creative – this is why PETA often uses humour, sex, and other attention-grabbingtactics to reach a populace that is bombarded with paid advertising from industries that sell wares that harm animals. (For example, this hilarious video featuring a vulgar granny discussing “eating f**king [animal] corpses” has been viewed nearly 25 million times.) Unlike our opposition, which is mostly composed of wealthy industries and corporations, PETA must rely on getting free publicity through media coverage, which is why we make our actions colourful or controversial. While our ads are always honest, we believe that it’s sometimes necessary to shake people up or make them do a double-take in order to initiate discussion, debate, and questioning of the status quo – with the worthy aim that they’ll ultimately change a cruel, if unconscious, habit or take some compassionate action to help animals.

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