The First Vegan Lifestyle Show On The Planet

Even the harshest critics must admit that the vegan movement is unstoppable by now. In fact, the chances are very good that even they have friends, relatives or acquaintances who are committed to the vegan lifestyle. However, if this movement should gain even more momentum, there might be no better way than presenting the vegan lifestyle to a an audience on a regularly basis. That’s exactly what has happened since Nafsika Antypas started her TV show Plant-Based by Nafsika. This way, among many other issues that are covered in her show people are not only given excellent vegan recipes but are also guided through the entire cooking process. Make sure to watch her next show!

“A new vegan lifestyle show is premiering soon, and we absolutely cannot wait.
It’s called Plant-Based by Nafsika and stars Nafsika Antypas, vegan lifestyle mogul and total inspiration.

The show will take viewers through plant-based cooking demonstrations and will feature interviews with celebrity guests, fashion icons, and vegan food experts.

Plant-Based by Nafsika proves what we already knew: 2016 is the year of the vegan. Even if you’re not vegan, chances are that you know someone who is or you’ve seen vegan items on the menu at your favorite restaurants. The world is waking up to the fact that products derived from animals not only involve immense suffering but also can cause illness and are completely unnecessary given today’s modern cruelty-free options.

The first season of Plant-Based by Nafsika begins on A&E’s FYI on July 27 across the U.S. Tune in on Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. EST to find out what all the fuss is about!”



  1. Mark Gerard Jennings Reply

    Who are these critics? The most serious weaknesses of vegan diets can be resolved with a scoop of plant protein and a b12 capsule…..oh reall….you’d rather take statins?

  2. Shannon Lockwood Reply

    I thought about opening a vegan store… that would be awesome! And im sonoma county California it would be a huge hit… but I’m in no position financially for that… but an amazing idea 😀

  3. Shannon Lockwood Reply

    When i look around, most people just arent aware of whats going on in this world in regards to animal abuse, the planet, or our bodies… distracted by what they were taught growing up. But a vegan store can make it more accessible and could even hold public events 😀 to raise awareness!!!

  4. Sandy Snickles Reply

    Definitely. Speak with university students. They get it. I know it comes in waves but I have seen a huge change and social media has been the best tool ever. It feels positive. I finally have hope. People are finally getting that it is “socially acceptable” to eat cows, pigs and goats raised in terrible conditions (i have seen a slaughter house) yet we look down upon those countries that treat dogs and cats in the same horrific way .. Meat for human consumption. What animal is more emotional? Rowe farms. If humans “must” convince themselves they “need” meat which is s huge crock, at least treat the animals with compassion, respect and kindness ..let them see the light of day, outdoors and give them good food, medical treatment and don’t pump them full of hormones.

  5. Sandy Snickles Reply

    I don’t believe humans need to consume any animals .. Meat (poultry included) Or dairy. It’s a fallacy …. But I don’t know if they will ever truly get it.

  6. Shannon Lockwood Reply

    Very true! I agree… dont think this world will ever be a vegan world… but if more people are aware… less meat will have to be produced… here’s hoping!

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