One Viral Facebook Rant Against Vegans Has Changed Everything

Vegans still use to face many adversities. Sometimes they gain these sad experiences by being mocked when they unpack their vegan dishes on parties they had been invited to. Or even worse, they are not being invited at all once they come out as vegans. However, very probably nobody would have ever thought that a Facebook message sent by a woman harshly criticizing that vegan cheese should not be called like that as there is no such thing like vegan cheese. Either it’s cheese or it’s not. So, this woman randomized a name like “Gary” and suggested that vegans should call vegan cheese “Gary” from now on. Without even anticipating the viral impact of her proposal she sparked a wave of comments that seemed to support the “Gary movement” referring to non-dairy cheese as “Gary.” So, if those people who happen to be named “Gary” are not offended by this new label for vegan cheese, the “Gary idea” could become an excellent marketing instrument for major brands.

“One woman’s rage-filled epic rant against vegan cheese has sparked a major dairy-free rebranding.

‘CHEESE,’ she writes, followed by 13 (!) cheese emojis.

‘If you’re going to be a vegan don’t call your vegan cheese BECAUSE IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!

‘Call it Gary or something don’t call it Cheese because IT’S NOT CHEESE!!!!!!’

She then added: ‘Don’t come to my Cheese and Wine parties if you’re going to eat COCONUT CHEESE.’

And on it goes.

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Vegans, although upset that they were no longer welcome at this woman’s world famous cheese and wine parties, appreciated the suggestion that they call their dairy-free snacks ‘Gary or something’.

And so the following PSA was shared around vegan Facebook pages, which explained: ‘We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that vegan cheese is now called “GARY”.’

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The new name seems to have caught on

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And we mean, really caught on…

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going vegan health benefits

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s new range of vegan cheeses – er, sorry, Gary – has gone down surprisingly well.”



  1. Sue Dotson Reply

    I cannot understand why anyone thinks that drinking or eating products from the bodily fluids of a large animal who walks around all day in its own waste can be healthy. Cows milk is only healthy for calves.

  2. Anna Nabil Reply

    Dairy doesn’t have exclusive rights to the word “cheese”. Cheese is simply protein curd separated and pressed. Which is why Whole Foods has placed Kite Hill and Chao vegan cheeses in the artisan cheese section with other Dairy cheeses. These vegan cheeses are categorized as such b/c they’re created using the same old arduous, and timeless method that Dairy cheese has used. However, vegan products like Miyoko’s cheeses and Daiya are placed in the Vegan section b/c they are formed by using coagulants. I have no issue calling these brands Gary. Still, this woman needs to hop off her pretentious high horse. Tofu is basically pressed curds aka “cheese” and has even been called as such (bean cheese, soy curd, etc.) by English linguists since the 1800s. It was only when it began becoming popular in the market, that diary producers wanted exclusivity of the name to differentiate their product. Yummy food is yummy food, no matter what we call it. At the end of the day, it’s all semantics.

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