Why Vegans So Rarely Feel Blue

Do you think there is a remedy for feeling blue? And if so, can you take full advantage of it without any side-effects? There is good news for you: Fortunately, there is such remedy. Two years ago, the British Journal of Health Psychology conducted a study in order to analyze if there is any relationship between diet and mood. For this purpose and for the representative validity of its results, it surveyed 281 young adults. The results of its study were astounding as they asserted that there is a very close link between the eating habits and the mood of the participants. Those of them whose diet habits were based on plant-based food and fruits felt much more balanced, cheerful and stronger. These results were even more confirmed by a study of the Social Indicators Research. In this survey, they analyzed the diet habits of 80.000 people in Britain showing that the emotional well-being is indisputably connected to the dietary habits. As vegans avoid processed food and take full advantage of plant-based nutrition they tend to be much less susceptible to feeling emotionally instable. Thus, falling into serious depression is also much less likely for vegans.

“Junk foods, including heavily processed, fried and artificial foods, produce serious negative impacts on the brain and emotions, similar to narcotic drugs. They stimulate short-term reward centers in the central nervous system. But over time, they can lead to dependency and mood imbalances, along with all-too-common long-term health consequences.

On the other hand, a number of studies show that people, young and old, who eat more vegetables and fruits have better emotional stability and more happiness, along with less stress and anxiety. Recent research has also demonstrated that antioxidants — abundant in many plant-based foods — can promote emotional well-being.

One 2013 study, published in theBritish Journal of Health Psychology, examined the relationship between diet and mood in 281 young adults. In this study, participants who ate more fruits and vegetables felt calmer, happier and more energetic, leading the researchers to call for further studies to explore these connections.

A much larger study, published late 2012 in the journal Social Indicators Research, examined the diets of 80,000 people in Britain. Results showed that happiness and emotional well-being were “dose dependent” on the amount of vegetables and fruits people ate, suggesting that emotional well-being peaks with seven servings of fruit and/or vegetables a day. Measurable indicators included self-reported life satisfaction, mental well-being, happiness, nervousness and others.

Apparently, seven daily servings is the magic number of fruits and vegetables you need to consume in order to reach a greater plateau of mental and emotional wellness, say the authors of this study. However, this level of wellness likely can be surpassed to bring even greater health and happiness, if you combine good-mood foods with other measures such as regular exercise, mind-body practices and targeted natural supplements.

Good Mood Super-Foods

If you eat the right foods, you can go a long way in boosting your mental, emotional and overall physical health and wellness. The whole foods I describe below are rich in antioxidants, minerals and nutrients to support relaxation and boost mental clarity and happiness. They also support numerous other areas of health in the process.”

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Better Health Publishing.

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  1. Jerilynn Rosenberger Reply

    Yes, eating a healthy diet will help people feel better and are good, but stuff like this propagates a faulty view of mental health. Im a vegan and my health improves a bit every day, but that is only a part of treating my bipolar disorder.

  2. Shannon Clay Reply

    I love me a vegan diet but saying it in any way shape or form prevents or treats mental illness is extremely misleading. mental health is not a diet issue.

  3. Renee' Weaver Reply

    I call bullshit. I’m vegan and I have been for most of my life and I also have clinical depression. Being vegan hasn’t solved that at all.

  4. Ziggy Daniels Reply

    I would disagree on this though as eating a vegan or sugar free, artificial color free diet has been shown to help some mental & physchological ‘illness’……

  5. Shannon Clay Reply

    Ziggy Daniels okay well, as someone with a mental illness who is vegan and largely keeps away from processed foods let me say that while I have received TONS of health benefits from being vegan it absolutely does not treat or prevent mental illness. thanks for putting illness in quotations btw.

  6. Marissa Elizabeth Reply

    I really dont think this link is saying vegans never have mental health issues… I think it is saying it improves and supports mental health. Is it claiming it cures or prevents depression or any other illness? Correct me if i am wrong but i don’t believe so. Just a friendly note ❤

  7. Myveganwellies Myveganwellies Reply

    If you never asked for the post Dorothy Walker Unterholzner then delete it and move on…..

    If eating the antibiotic filled rotting carcass of a one sentient being is your cute for feeling blue, it’s no wonder the world is so messed up. Making yourself feel better by eating the life of someone else?? fucked up…….

  8. Natasha Ignatti Stokes Reply

    Most vegans I know have some form of depression because they are aware of the atrocities and what is going on around them, yet they are constantly ridiculed for caring about animals. Ridiculed by family, the media, work mates…the list goes on.

  9. Natasha Ignatti Stokes Reply

    Dorothy Walker Unterholzner why don’t you eat a big juicy dog steak. They eat dogs in Vietnam and the Philippines. Oh but they are barbarians hey. Not you. You eat the animal you have been conditioned into believing is food. The cow wants to live as much as your precious dog.

  10. Dorothy Walker Unterholzner Reply

    My goodness…how tolerant you are, kind and civil…..like I said…I don’t know how I got this post in the first place, but it sure has shown me how rude you all are….now to block you all

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