Vegan Celebrities: You Are In Good Company

Well, I can’t tell if James Dean had been vegan or not. However, beyond any doubt he has been one of the most popular celebrity in Hollywood remaining unequaled until today. If you believe that a vegan lifestyle is something that just weird-looking people do who resemble the hippies from the 1950s or 1960s, you should reconsider your point of view. There are a lot of very popular people who have adopted a vegan lifestyle. What is rather surprising is that several of them are not known for being vegan, but this is merely further evidence that just because you happen to eat vegan does not indicate you are going to be an outsider.

There are many movie stars who succeeded in living a vegan lifestyle. Among them are people such as Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix, Lindsay Wagner, Natalie Portman and Pamela Anderson. As you can see, there are very famous actors who are vegans. Pamela Anderson and also Alicia Silverstone have actually been large supporters of this lifestyle. As for Pamela Anderson, she has gone to some harsh lengths to speak about cruelty against animals and has also voiced displeasure with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There are even many singers who are known for being vegans as well, such as Brandy, Bryan Adams, Chrissie Hynde, Rikki Rocket, Rick Rubin, Steve Jocz from Amount 41 and Weird Al Yankovic. A final artist who is very popular is the artist previously referred to as Prince. This is an impressive listing of some very famous people who take pleasure in a healthy and balanced vegan lifestyle.

Even among a lot of athletes you will find vegans as well. There is Sally Eastall, an Olympic marathon runner, as well as Pat Reeves, who is a prizewinning power lifter. In addition, there is also Judith Shakeshaft, a prizewinning mountain biker and runner. Carl Lewis, a sportsman who is self-confident enough to stand up proudly and proclaim to be vegan. While you might have never ever considered athletes to be the sort of people to live a vegan way of life, it is definitely remarkable to find out that vegans can come from all corners of life.

Among those well-known stars, actresses, singers and even sportsmen, there are a lot of very popular people who are providing veganism the audience, promotion and respect it deserves. It is quite refreshing to see how these celebrities use their popularity to promote this healthy and balanced vegan lifestyle.

There are even lots of various political leaders who are vegans as well. As you can see by now, you are definitely surrounded by very popular people who are happy to keep company with you when it comes to living the vegan lifestyle. The amount of individuals who are engaging in veganism is continuously rising so you happen to join a famous group of individuals. Trying to make your own unique mark on the globe may seem difficult. However, this group of actors, actresses, singers, athletes and politicians prove that every person can cause a change. Even if they should only inspire an individual with the choice they made, it would be one more person to be counted among the vegans around the globe.

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