How To Deal As The Only Vegan With A Non-Vegan Family

Are you the only vegan (or non-vegan) in your family? Are you in a relationship with someone of differing dietary inclinations? How do you navigate this challenging and complex landscape? In this video, author, speaker, and joyful vegan Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gets her input on this matter.


  1. Stephanie Morse Reply

    I have found it pretty easy. I mostly cook vegan, but I will do a side of meat for my husband and teenager. Meat becomes more of a side than the main event. Especially since I have a few veggie dishes going on. The upside of me going vegan is that everyone is eating more fruits and vegetables and a lot less meat and dairy.

  2. Filesha Michelle Wiltse Reply

    My partner and I are the only vegans in my family. Some people are more understanding then others but in the end wether they agree or disagree with our choices we are still family. ❤️

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