This Is Definitely The Hardest Part About Being Vegan

Sometimes we come across a video talking about being vegan that is not only touching but tells the plain truth. That’s exactly the case with this video. The real challenge about going vegan is definitely not the radical switch to a new diet. Of course, it takes some time to get accustomed to this meatless and dairy-free diet. However, the real challenge is when you face the people you probably love the most trying to explain them why you took the vegan route. Instead of expressing understanding and respect to your choice they criticize you harshly and leave you isolated. Watch the following video and you might recognize issues that you have also faced once at some point of your vegan life or probably are facing right now!


  1. Sara Suki Reply

    I was told I needed this and needed that id get ill etc .vegetarian 42 years vegan around 5 yrs I’m 51 active never Ill and look in my early 4os. We can live without meat and animal products .I’m living proof

  2. Sarah Rumple Reply

    The hardest part about being vegan for me is absolutely the understanding and knowledge. It tortures me to understand what our species does to other species. It tortures me to know that so many others would rather ignore the unimaginable cruelty living beings face every day in the name of bacon, burgers, chicken nuggets… They don’t want to know because they don’t want to change. It’s sad.

  3. Heather Schwartz Reply

    The hardest part for md is having family agree with vegan being healthier and better all around but then talking to me about what animal the just cooked at there last meal and going on and on while i roll my eyes or asking me to go grocey shopping with them and then ask ms if a dead animals parts look like a good buy!! Like seriously!!! I cant believe my own family can be so two sided to my face. Its irritating!

  4. Rachel Hocke Burkey Reply

    Literally gave me Goosebumps!! I have experienced so much of what this video said since I have begun my Vegan journey a year and a half ago. I have learned that what others say does not matter to me anymore. What matters is that I have learned the truth! Hoping that seeing my healthy results they too will change. In the meantime I continue to Thrive!! #GoVegan

  5. Amee Victoria Adams Reply

    Hardest for me is the constant looks and attitudes that I’m so “strange”, “you’re a vegan”, like people want to say, “you’re an alien”..and the feeling of having to defend myself..but at least we have groups like this to vent our frustrations! Thanks everyone!

  6. Janine Cossey Reply

    People telling me my food looks disgusting (typically some sort of lentil dish or tofu). Really? Because your food looks like the result of a tortured and murdered terrified beautiful being. Tuck in.

  7. Alison Entwistle Foster Reply

    Yep. This is so true. I can’t understand how my family are so devoid of compassion that they continue to eat meat and argue that their choice is right and ‘we’re made to eat meat’ fgs really!

  8. Damian Masters Reply

    I didn’t choose the vegan way of eating because of the animals, i did it because of the nutritional value of eating plants, and not consuming animal fats, the nutrtional part is the most compelling because just about all our sickness’s cand be healed if we feed the body. “Let food be thy medicine”

  9. Donna Horne Reply

    What “We’re made to eat meat” REALLY means: “I like meat and don’t want to give it up and don’t want to think about what it took to get it on my plate.”

  10. Cat Race Reply

    Ok…but please don’t undermine or diminish those of us who did make the choice out of compassion. Neither of us is wrong.

  11. Donna Horne Reply

    Wow–veg for 42 years! That’s amazing. Wasn’t it much harder back then? Seems like there are so many more choices now to make it easier.

  12. Sara Suki Reply

    I was 9 old when I watched a farming programme at school I was so shocked as I didn’t know what meat was. I felt disgusted that id had dead animals .The thought of flesh in my body made me sick. I told my mum I didnt want to eat animal’s anymore It was very hard as there wasn’t quorn,tofu or alternatives. The head at primary school refused to omit meat from my plate so I took was tough but even then I was an avid animal rights fighter. I was bullied and teased a’ll through primary and secondary. In my first kind etc.but it was all worth daughter is vegan she’s a fitness instructor my son’s vegetarian he’s 6 foot 5 and a Doctor We’re living proof 🙂 x

  13. Paula Berman Reply

    Wish some of the people in my life who constantly berate be and harangue me would take a look do the could at least understand from my perspective. But I’m sure none will have the courage or care to watch.

  14. Doreen Smith Reply

    A M A Z I N G. sharing and prayer someone watches !!!!!
    Jan 1st 2017 marks my 26th year a vegan.
    Why? Jim Mason came to my college and told me that my diet was causing mass torture and suffering, I walked out the door a vegan. Why would I not become a vegan immediately?
    There was no question and I’ve never looked back

  15. Elaine Guernari Reply

    Definitely agree with this video. Hard to see friends as uncaring , not compassionate and hypocrites when they claim to be animal lovers. So hard to remain positive about the future for our fellow creatures.

  16. Linda Orrell Reply

    The hardest part for me is to see people I love dearly keep eating meat and dairy even after they know the truth….the denial is so blatant to me now that I’m vegan.

  17. Kristina Olson Reply

    They will, I don’t bring up my dietary preferences but those who know me eventually get curious. I also read something that said even though you think they are not paying attention, it is affecting their subconscious so I reshare easy vegan meals and tips. It helps to present alternatives so they can implement changes right away.

  18. Kristina Olson Reply

    The hardest part, is eating out and asking the cook / waitress/ cashier if their “food” contains animal products and them having no idea.

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