Why Vegans Never Get “Sour”

When it comes down to overall health, there is a criterion that is indisputably applicable: It’s the pH-level, the “potential of hydrogen”, a measure of acidity. Unfortunately, animal proteins and processed, grain-based food lead to a distinct increase in acidity. This induces quite a number of health issues such as osteoporosis, kidney disease and muscle wasting, just to name a few. However, a plant-based diet such as the consumption of green leafy vegetables is alkaline which favors enormously overall health. Your body needs much more to be in an alkaline than in an acid “mode”. Unfortunately, most of the food that people consume is acid. As vegans take full advantage of an organic, nutrient-rich and high-quality plant-based diet there are virtually predestined to have the highest pH-level possible which is indispendable for obtaining optimal health. Dr. Eliaz has written an excellent article pointing out the significance of a balanced pH level and its impact on someone’s health.

“The Western diet places heavy emphasis on commercial animal proteins and processed, grain-based carbohydrates that have a low nutritional value. This way of eating is often referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD) — a fitting acronym. In addition to drug-filled animal products and pesticide-laden produce, the SAD is often full of processed food toxins, packaging chemicals, estrogen-mimicking compounds, residual heavy metals and artificial and highly refined ingredients. Over time, this type of diet can produce a chronic inflammatory, overly acidic state in the body and can lead to metabolic diseases, cardiovascular and weight conditions, cancer, dementia — the list goes on.

Maintaining Balance

Your overall health depends on precise balance, and maintaining the right pH balance is one of these keys. The abbreviation pH refers to the “potential of hydrogen,” a measure of acidity.

Hydrogen ions contribute acidity to any tissue or organ, such as the contribution of hydrochloric acid to acidic stomach secretions. The scale used to measure pH is a logarithmic scale. So there is a tenfold difference between each number ranging from 1 to 14. The lower numbers (1-6.99) represent the acid (or H+ donating) range, and the higher numbers (7.01-14) represent the alkaline (or H+ accepting) range. Neutral is 7.0. Some body systems such as the blood (7.35-7.45) are more tightly regulated than others. Urine has a broader pH range, from 4.5-8.0, which makes it an ideal body fluid for keeping track of dietary adjustments in pH.

Being too acidic compromises health and contributes to a number of chronic degenerative conditions, including gastrointestinal issues, suppressed immunity, osteoporosis, kidney disease and muscle wasting. For example, the body uses bone tissue to buffer acidity, and bones can be weakened when the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium are removed to keep the body in the proper alkaline balance. Increased calcium excretion from bone also increases the risk of kidney stones.

Food Affects Your pH Levels

Dietary modifications can help maintain the right pH within the body’s various systems, so the foods you eat have to include the ones that support organs that work so hard to maintain pH values within their optimal ranges.

A high intake of vegetables, which are for the most part alkalinizing, can neutralize over-acidity and positively influence your bone metabolism, strengthening the skeleton by increasing the retention of phosphates and calcium and reducing bone depletion.

These lists of food can help you tell which ones are more acid forming and which are more alkaline. Most fruits are acid forming, with the exception of a few such as lemons and limes. Lemons and limes certainly have acidic properties, but are actually alkalizing once digested. That is why lemons and limes are so highly recommended during a seasonal cleanse or detoxification program.

Highly Alkalizing Foods

Himalayan salt, grasses, cucumber, kale, kelp, spinach, parsley, broccoli, sprouts (soy, alfalfa etc.), sea vegetables (kelp), green drinks, sprouts.

Moderately Alkalizing Foods

Avocado, capsicum/pepper, mustard greens, cabbage, okra, celery, onion, collard/spring greens, radish, red onion, ginger, endive, garlic, rocket/arugula, tomato, butter beans, soy beans, lime, quinoa, lemon, white haricot beans, chia/salba seeds, green beans, beetroot, lettuce.

Mildly Alkalizing Foods

Artichokes, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrot, chives, zucchini, leeks, new red potatoes, peas, rhubarb, swede, watercress, buckwheat, spelt, lentils, tofu, almond mild, most herbs and spices, olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil.”

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Better Health Publishing.

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  1. Amber Adams Reply

    Stupid.. I’ve been vegan for almost 15 yrs. and I’ve developed graves disease and hypertension. I have asthma that never went away since giving up animal products, but I eat extremely healthy compared to alot of vegans. Only grains I eat are quinoa, millet, and some rice.. Lots of different organic fruits and veggies, nuts and coconut oils/ flour/ butter and yet I still feel fatigued. Yes, it worked out grrst the first couple of years but im questioning it heavy now.

  2. Kady Baumgartel Reply

    How much fat are you eating? Try Raw til 4 and follow the 80/10/10 rule, high carb, low fat, low protein. Also how much water do you drink and how much do you work out?

  3. Amber Adams Reply

    If vegan is so healthy then why would I need to follow such strict rules? Low fat isnt that healthy.. Its what kind of fat tour eating. Honestly I dont eat much at all not because im purposely doing it but because I dont eat much avocado/ coconuts or anything rlse with vegan fats.

    But what exactly do fats havr to do with Graves/ hypertension?

  4. Amber Adams Reply

    Im a vegan too, I’m not putting anyone else down about their beliefs because believe me, I’ve been there.. but I don’t ever keep a closed mind about health, even if it goes against what I believe.

  5. Amber Adams Reply

    Never said it was a “whole food”.. As stated, I eat plenty of whole foods i.e. Fruits and veggies, quinoa and millet.. Did you just skim through what I said?

  6. Kate Reply

    I’m vegan for the health of my fellow earthlings, in other words, for humanitarian purposes. Period. Despite what “experts” say, many disease processes are familial. I have been vegetarian for 4 years and vegan for one year. My cholesterol, my blood pressure, and my blood glucose are all slightly above the normal range. So be it. The good news is I have saved the lives of many lovely animals and I’ve saved thousands of buckets of water that would have been used to grow “my share” of animals and the food to feed them. My mission has been accomplished.

  7. Amber Adams Reply

    TJ Thompson Como if it works for you great! Ive heard alot of stories like mine though, like the link above and some on LIVESTRONG

  8. Kady Baumgartel Reply

    Anyone and everyone can THRIVE on a vegan diet, you are literally just taking out animal products, it’s not that “strict”. If you are feeling sick and developing illness something is very wrong, and adding in high cholesterol chicken’s period and toxic mercury laden fish is not going to cure you, sorry.
    The key areas you must examine and balance to stay in great health are: diet, hydration, sleep, stress, and activity.
    You’re on the right path as a vegan, but you eat high saturated fat (coconut oil) which is a big problem, coconut oil can make me nauseas it is so high in fat and not healthy to consume unless VERY minimally in treats. Keep the coconut oil as a moisturizer instead. 🙂
    A lot of foods are not in their natural state and have been genetically altered, like I don’t eat peanuts, they are a big allergy to many people and it’s not a coincidence since most are GMO and they have a fungus that grows on the outside of them, which is not healthy to consume. Eat as organic and non-GMO as possible, it makes a HUGE difference! And stay LOW fat! I know you don’t believe in low fat, but you have to try it for a while you will see a difference! Low fat doesn’t mean no fat, you just need to avoid oils and stick to whole food sources of fats like avocados and almonds. You shouldn’t feel deprived of fats, but you shouldn’t eat so much that it makes you lethargic and groggy (and that is exactly the side effect of a high fat diet: fatigue)
    Go through elimination because something not vegan diet related can be making you sick, try no grains, gluten free, no packaged foods, raw, raw til 4, there are too many options there is NOT just one “vegan diet”.
    Also how often do you get a vitamin/mineral blood panel taken? Once a year I do one to check all my vitamins and minerals to make sure all the levels are perfect (and they have been). You may not be eating enough variety or quantity of certain fruits and vegetables and are getting deficient in something, which is an easy fix.
    Make sure you are HYDRATED, drinking enough water that your pee is very light yellow to clear! Dehydrated will most certainly cause fatigue and many health problems, physical and mental! Dehydration can kill.
    How much sleep are you getting? Less than 8 hours is not enough sleep. If you are sleep deprived that again can cause physical and mental health problems, because you’re body isn’t fully detoxing and healing itself.
    Stress is in everyone’s life, some more than others, we can’t always control the situations we are in but we can control how we look at them. You can look at life with a positive view of a negative one. It’s not going to change what you’re going through but it will change how you let the situation affect you, will it year you down or make you stronger? Do things that make you happy and schedule time for a nice bath or a few mins of yoga, or book reading.
    Stay ACTIVE! Find an “exercise” you like, whether it’s running, biking, walking, dancing, swimming, jumping, whatever makes you feel best and be consistent with it! Work out a schedule for like 30 mins a day or an hour 3 times a week, daily is best though but whatever works for your schedule is better than nothing. Getting the lymphatic system pumping and sweating helps heal and strengthen the body! I can tell when I haven’t worked out in a while, I start to get tired actually, but then after working out I get big energy boost and it feels great!
    With all these factors in health, you cannot immediately assume the vegan diet is the problem, health issues come from the combination of the entire lifestyle not JUST what you eat.
    Lastly I wanted to say something that is very clear from your comments, you call yourself a vegan but never ONCE have you talked about the ethical side of veganism. A plant based dieter avoids animals products for health reasons, a real vegan avoids animal products because we believe it’s wrong to eat, abuse, and exploit animals, the health benefits are a bonus. True vegans never go back to eating flesh. Have you watched Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy, Food Inc, any of those documentaries? If you do believe in ethical veganism I suggest watching or re-watching those to remind yourself why it’s important to stay vegan.

  9. Amber Adams Reply

    Kady Baumgartel I’ve tried low fat vegan, I’ve tried rsw vegan, juice cleanses and everything I havr no idea why you are assuming I haven’t. Just wondering but what evidence do you actually jave that says this is healthy for everyone?

    When you look at the longest lived peoples, and the healthiest in the world they almost all eat a plant based diet with alittle meat.

    Also, I drink plenty of water. Amd guys, you are all assuming that all vegans can afford vitamins, mineral blood panels (whatever that is) and plenty of sleep time but alot of us work and have kids (I got a one yr old, so no way do I sleep 8 hrs a night).

    And Kady I didnt say any ethical reason for being a vegan because the thread wasnt about ethics it was about health. Plus, while I’ve against testing on and abusing animals I’ve never thought eating ethically sourced meat was wrong since its natural for us. Were natual omnivores after all.

  10. Amber Adams Reply

    Also you say it’s not strick but eliminating all animal priducts in addition to grains and legumes or copked food or whatever IS strick.

  11. Amanda Sapp Reply

    You obviously dont believe in veganism you just said we are natural omnivores then why are you vegan if you don’t believe in it? You keep making every excuse to eat animal product it sounds like you just WANT it so why are you even arguing.

  12. Amanda Sapp Reply

    And I’m not trying to knock you down.. Developing a disease that’s awful but going back to animal products or blaming an absence of them is insane… You should try to research natural cures… Maybe you need more protein or more of a certain vitamin…. Maybe you have built up metals and need to detox… Could be anything.. Try getting a test for vitamin deficiencies and see if there’s a problem anywhere? Try juicing some greens and cilantro every morning I hear that’s good for detoxing metals from the body?

  13. Amber Adams Reply

    Amanda Sapp what? YOU dont believe we are natural omnivores? Its biology sister.. I’m a scientific in training (physics student) I dont knock science for my beliefs.
    And they are not excuses YOU all are the ones trying to make excuses and all I’ve said was I’ve tried them all, that’s it. Having a wikd baby in addition to working amd being a student is not an excuses its life. Telling me I need to try this and that after I’ve said I’ve tried these things is whats insane.

    Dont like me comments? Wasnt meant for holier than thou vegans to get on here and assume I’m just an idiot. It was meant for people considering veganism to understand that it’s not an automatic success story health wise, plus just a reply to the post.

  14. Amber Adams Reply

    You say you “hear” it’s good for me but back that statement with nothing? Didn’t you read what I said a couple comments up? About juice fasting?

  15. Monica Longoria Reply

    Ive been Vegan 4-5 yrs now vegetarian before that non dairy 10 plus yrs, I am an ultra runner 100milers preferred and endurance athlete not pro lolol! i am asking because while i am Vegan its NOT ENOUGH FOR MY BODY chemistry for MY BIO EFFICIENCY.. You blame a generalized diet when u should have BEEN self aware FIRST … Its never to late to try eliminating POSSIBLY OVER-CONSUMED foods that you A. Your body is sick of and have developed over sensitivities therefore OFFENDING YOUR BODY… FIRST AND FOREMOST you become self aware … Rather than blaming diet.

  16. Amber Adams Reply

    The thing, people arn’t trying to help that’s why I’m “impatient” with their advice. They’re trying to act like they are a certified doctor or self diagnos me as I’ve stated in the first place I’ve been doing this for almost 15 yrs of course I’ve tried all vegan advice. When I ask an actual doctor no of them even the vegetarian ones recommend vegan. My doctor I had while pregnant was vegetarian (she was Indian) and asked me how I get retinol, which she said was important for people with Graves.

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