Why “The Daily Show” Host Jon Stewart Quit His Career To Start An Animal Sanctuary

Now, this story has caught my attention instantly. Jon Stewart, the host of “The Daily Show” quit his career in order to grant animals sanctuary which have been abused by factory farmers. To most of these animals, this sanctuary is very probably going to be the only refuge being offered to them. In fact, Stewart has always been a passionate opposer against the way animals are being treated on factory farms. This was not only in his private life but even in public where he once attacked the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, because he had denied to sign a bill which would have stopped pigs from living in crates that were so small they couldn’t even turn around. Jon Stewart’s decision to start the animal sanctuary is also strongly supported by his wonderful wife, Tracey, who even refers to the sanctuary as a wedding being celebrated between her and her husband and the animal sanctuary. To both of them, this sanctuary is like a dream came true.

“Middletown, NJ – In an effort to be the change he wishes to see in the world, comedian John Stewart, after stepping down as host of “The Daily Show,” has started a sanctuary for abused factory farm animals called Bufflehead Farm.

Jon and wife Tracey announced on Saturday that they will become part of Farm Sanctuary’s network of animal safe havens at the annual Farm Sanctuary gala in New York City.

“We’re getting married! Farm Sanctuary and us, we’re getting married,” Tracey told star studded crowd of roughly 500. “We bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of starting a farm sanctuary of our own with an educational center, but what I’m announcing tonight is that our farm is actually going to be the New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. We’re going to build new advocates, new curious learners, and new leaders for this very important movement.”

Bufflehead Farm, located in Middletown, New Jersey, is a 12-acre non-profit animal rescue sanctuary owned by Jon and Tracey Stewart, which will soon become home to dozens of cows, pigs, sheep, turkeys and other animals rescued from factory farms.

Stewart has consistently been an animal welfare advocate on his show, once devoting a comedy segment to the foolishness of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s refusal to sign a bill that would end the lifelong confinement of pigs in crates too small for them to turn around.

Tracey Stewart is known for her advocacy on animal rights, recently publishing a book on the topic.

The project has long been a dream for Tracey Stewart, an animal advocate and former veterinary technician, who has tirelessly worked to promote a plant-based lifestyle, animal welfare issues, and support for organizations like Farm Sanctuary.

Her new book “Do Unto Animals” (currently the No. 1 bestseller in animal husbandry on Amazon) offers more than 300 pages of beautiful illustrations and promises to give readers “insights into the secret lives of animals and the kindest ways to live with and alongside them.”

“If everyone did a bit more, if they fell in love a little bit more, so much could happen,” Tracey Stewart told The New York Times. “It doesn’t have to be going vegan. You can advocate for them. You can show tenderness. You can play music for them. I really hope people can connect with animals the way most of us did as children.”

Jon Stewart, accompanied by his wife and two children, were honored at the awards ceremony held by Farm Sanctuary, an organization founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals.

“I’m a little uncomfortable. I’ve spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of Washington politics and the media landscape, so I don’t know how to deal necessarily with people who have empathy,” Stewart told the all-vegan banquet at The Plaza Hotel in New York.

The consistency of the Stewarts should be applauded. Rather than simply paying lip service to a cause, they are putting in the groundwork to support their espoused beliefs.

Similarly to how Morgan Freeman turned his estate into a bee sanctuary, Stewart has shown that celebrities have the ability to not only motivate others by raising awareness about issues, but to lay the actual foundation of real world change.”

Source: The Free Thought


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