Why This Restaurant Went 100% Vegan After Watching Cowspiracy

Sometimes in life it takes a crucial experience to turn one’s entire way of thinking totally around. This could be a person you happen to meet, an event you join or a movie you watch. In this special case, it was the latter. This Mexican restaurant, as so many other restaurants, also used to have meat dishes on their menu card. Business was going well and there was no reason to change anything about it until Lopez and her husband Raj Attur, the owners of the restaurant, happened to watch Cowspiracy. To them, this was definitely a key moment in their lives that turned everything around. They called it an incredible experience that had totally caused a change of heart. Ever since, they started to prepare for the transition process serving only vegan dishes starting in February 2016. However, there is even more to that because they also began to distribute fliers to their customers causing them to consider the disastrous impact of factory farming on mother Earth. Read on to learn more about this likeable couple turning their restaurant 100% vegan without ever looking back.

Cowspiracy was a labor of love and we had hoped it would make a great impact, but we never anticipated the amount of change it could really create. 

Since our Netflix release, we have been doing our best to read every tweet, comment and post from all of you. We feel a tremendous amount of hope coming from your words and actions.

And now, an article out today really just took it over the top.

Get this:  A Mexican restaurant  in Texas after seeing the film, has decided to switch to 100% vegan menu in 2016.

UTA will now have a vegan option.

Mexican restaurant La Blue Casa will transition into a vegan restaurant, said Gabriela Lopez, store co-owner and chef. Starting in February, only vegan dishes will be available. Until then, both vegan and traditional meat plates will be served, she said.

Lopez and her husband Raj Attur, who co-owns the restaurant, are both vegans and weren’t bothered with having meat dishes in their restaurant, she said. The documentary Cowspiracy caused a change of heart.

“Everything related to food I’ve seen, but this one was incredible,” Lopez said. “Sometimes you just have a situation or episode in your life when everything changes and this was the key for me.”

Lopez said the revamped vegan menu will feature plates with mushrooms, potatoes and refried beans, among other options. La Blue Casa will still be a Mexican restaurant, but dishes that contain animal products will be substituted with options like black bean patties, soy chicken and cheese made from almond cream.

“Our food is still going to be tasty,” she said. “It’s still going to be rich in flavor. We just don’t want to cause harm on the planet.”

The sauces at the restaurant all will be plant-based as well, Lopez said. Beginning Monday, all vegan dishes will be $1 off and during the 134-day transition campaign. Lopez encourages the campus to stop in and try out the vegan menu.

Accounting junior Raul Gonzalez said although he’s not vegan, he would still visit La Blue Casa to test out the vegan menu. Gonzalez said the only time he attempted to eat healthy was when he stopped drinking sodas for a year, although he gave that up.

“It’s one of the only places that still makes good food around here,” he said.

Journalism freshman Nisreen Salem said for two years she’s been a vegetarian, eats some animal products, and is pleased a nonmeat food option is coming to campus. She said there are numerous Muslims on campus who only eat halal meat, but eat vegetarian meat as a second option.

“Whenever I’m in the UC I can’t go to Chick-fil-A or Subway,” she said. “It would be really cool to have something like that.”

Lopez said when the restaurant opened in May it stayed packed and had good business. She said during the summer business dropped off considerably and they are still trying to bounce back from that.

She said she hopes the new change will bring about more new customers. She said they’ll hand out flier to customers to help educate people about the effects meat production has on the planet.

“We can’t propose change without a reason,” she said. “This change should bring a new fresh option.”

This is what we are talking about. This isn’t just a movie. It’s a movement!

Cowspiracy provided us with a way to get the information out there but it takes brave and courageous people like all of you to take that information and change the world.”


Source: Cowspiracy, the short horn


  1. Gail Topal Reply

    Earthlings got me! Horrific I had to turn it off a thousand times and cry for hours before I could finish watching. I spent too long with my head in the sand! I had no idea how bad things were and I have finally woke up and if I only realized sooner… If we could just stop factory farming and educate people and stop the cruelty I will be at piece! We will never stop people from eating meat but if we can just stop the horrific treatment and find a way (there is no way in my eyes) . I cannot believe this is allowed!!!!

  2. Stacy Falcis Reply

    No I eat fish and have more recently some chicken eggs and cheese during the holiday …a lil butter but very rarely. Was vegan for a few months getting back to it …

  3. Lisa Werner Reply

    I did it for three weeks but then ate some animal products. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s actually healthier or not.

  4. Stacy Falcis Reply

    Lisa Werner I have found it to be healthier for me most definitely …that’s why I’m moving towards it again will include fish a couple times a month works for my constitution.

  5. Paul Geoffrey Richard Brown Reply

    I have been plant-based whole food (vegan) for exactly four weeks today. Not only do I feel far healthier, I don’t fall asleep in the afternoons and I have lost over five kilos. I am 69 next week btw, so it’s never too late to give it a go

    • Yaja Kindermann Reply

      Go for it!!!
      I turned vegan over 35 years ago when there was nothing but veg oil to spread on your bread and dried figs for ‘sweets’. All we vegans had back then was our conviction and passion for what is right to fuel us. You are never too old to ‘wake up’ to what is going on out there and be part of the Vegan Revolution.

      Take care Sir, and long may you enjoy the benefits of being vegan and delight in your slow change of attitude to those around you who still eat meat and who will undoubtably put fire in your belly for animal welfare. xxxx

  6. Matt Lawless Reply

    Good for them. And good for all you people. This is my 26th vegan year. If I can give you any tips: learn to make seitan and burmese tofu.

  7. Sharon Lynn Jared Reply

    There’s Juice Junkies in Keller, and nearly everything is vegan. They have soups and smoothies and lunch/sandwich stuff too I think. And Spiral is 20-25 min away. Meg Ramsey

  8. Meg Ramsey Reply

    My midwifery is called A Blessed Birth but she works with 2 other midwives and does appointments at their Keller office on Thursday.

  9. Susie Chinn Reply

    and this restaurant will succeed when the others will fail… Times ARE changing… and the ones that don’t wake up and lead.. .will fail.

  10. Aileen Malone Reply

    Love the bit at the end “never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world” . Your turn next!x

  11. Roslyn Ross Reply

    The world will never be wholly vegetarian, let alone vegan, and neither it should be given the crucial impact meat-eating has had on brain development in h**o sapiens and the valuable nutrition one gets from meat and dairy products, so surely the sensible thing is to cater to all tastes but ensure humane food production methods are in place.

    It is arrogant assumption that cows have feelings and carrots do not and producing all food humanely and with compassion and care is what ultimately matters.

    And I could never work out why on earth honey was not allowed for radical vegans. It touches on fanaticism which just puts people off at a time when more and more people eat meat in moderation and being concerned about how food is produced is crucial on many counts.

  12. Elise Snelgrove Reply

    They closed after being open for only a few months. I was really sad to see them go. They tried so hard to share more about veganism but its very very very difficult in Texas.

  13. Roseann Magda Reply

    If not in Texas, come to Chicago for vegan/vegetarian Mexican food. Quesadilla la Reina del Sur has two locations on the north side. Muy delicioso!

  14. Julie Crigler Reply

    It would be a requirement for outlets children. Educate them so they can make the best decision for their bodies, the animals, and the planet.

  15. Patricia Pacheco Reply

    Julie Crigler I agree. BTW, in case you’re not aware, you can edit your comment to correct a typo without the need to retype your corrected word. 🙂

  16. Samuel Phoenix Reply

    I’m not a vegan yet but I’m bit by bit cutting out animal products after watching cowspiracy but several of my chosen family are, and they have such a hard time via close minded fools who ridicule them for their choices and a basic lack of choice in restaurants. Even though I’m not a vegan yet I fully support everyone who is thoughtful enough to be so, you have my utmost respect and admiration. I’ll be one of the fold soon

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