Saving Water By Going Vegan?

Many of us know about the very beneficial health effects and the cruelty-preventing impact on animals by going vegan. However, going vegan has a much more far-reaching impact that might still not be publicly known. It’s about something everyone of us needs to survive: water. The Vegan Publishers have made a very thorough research showing that nothing saves more water than becoming vegan.

“This is a thoroughly sourced argument showing that discontinuing to breed “livestock” animals and shifting to a plant-based diet is the single most significant water-saving effort humanity could possibly make. If you’re short on time, scroll through for quotes in bold regarding this matter from leading water scientists, intergovernmental organizations and more. Click on any info graphic to see larger and/or share.

Sometimes, the more obvious something is, the harder it is to acknowledge. We can’t see the elephant through the forest in the room… for the trees… or something like that.

California and a significant portion of the U.S. are well into a severe drought predicted by NASA to continue for many years, and groundwater supplies are being rapidly depleted. Yet meat and dairy account for nearly half of water use in California – and more than halfin the nation.

“Animal products form the single most important factor in humanity’s water footprint” and “we need to re-examine the place meat and dairy have in the diet of modern man.” PETA? Nope – Water Footprint Network founder Arjen Y. Hoekstra, PhD, who is creator of the water footprint concept, has had multiple publications translated into several languages, and has advised government and multilateral institutions like UNESCO and World Bank.”

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at The Vegan Publishers.

Image Source: The Vegan Publishers


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