European Country Launches Pilot Program Offering Vegan Meals To Local Daycare Centers

There are several cities in the world that seem to be more advanced when it comes to offer vegan options to its citizens than other countries. For instance, cities such as New York, Berlin and London just to name a few. There are even countries that take care of children in a vegan kindergarten such as Italy. Another country decided to follow the footprints of these countries by turning some childhood educational institutions vegan. So, Finland launched a pilot program offering plant-based breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for children at 20 schools. Definitely, this was only the beginning to increase awareness of a vegan diet and its awesome health impact on children.

“A new year-long program will be implemented at 20 daycare centers in the Finnish capital.

Finland’s capital city Helsinki has announced plans to engage in a one-year trial of introducing vegan meals into local daycare centers. The Helsinki City Board approved the measure this week, which will see plant-based breakfasts, lunches, and snacks provided for children at 20 schools, at a cost of around $13 per child instead of $8, or an additional $1,100 more each year, initial estimates conclude. A study conducted earlier this year found 27 vegan families with children in the city’s daycare system—all of which currently pack food for their children daily—but also determined that up to 125 families would also choose vegan meal options if made available. The pilot program follows news of other childhood educational institutions going completely vegan or offering more vegan options, including the all-plant-based MUSE school in Calabasas, CA, Italy’s first vegan kindergarten, and a New Jersey preschool which was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal for its vegan offerings.”



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