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It’s always a milestone to hear about the probably most meat-based state in the U.S., Texas, that it offers more and more options for vegans. So, after Juice Girl’s Gretchen Todd had announced to open another vegan shop in Houston offering herbal lattes and prepared vegan meals Houston’s citizens must have cheered up. However, most exciting of all must have been the news that she was going to open the first organic vegan ice cream shop by mid-October. So, Houston is going to have its first organic vegan ice cream shop in the coming weeks. It seems that even Texas is becoming “veganized” slowly but surely.

“Considering the veritable bounty of delicious, calorie-rich food in Houston, you’ve got to occasionally ingest something healthy. Balance is important, which is why Juice Girl is bringing a bevy of healthy treats to a brand new location in Montrose.

Announced via release, Juice Girl’s Gretchen Todd will open a second location of her popular health-focused juice and smoothie bar at 214 Fairview in the coming weeks. The concept will take over the former Flow Juice Bar space, which is currently under renovations.

Todd’s second outpost will feature a bigger menu than its predecessor. In addition to the classic juices and smoothies, you’ll also find herbal lattes and prepared vegan meals. Perhaps most importantly, Todd will bring the first organic vegan ice cream shop to Clutch City.

The ice cream program will feature creamy treats made with a nut milk base, all of which can be made into sundaes, banana splits, acai bowls, and shakes. Look forward to flavors like cinnamon, rocky road, chocolate covered cherry, and whatever “Flaming Lips Zinger” is.

Juice Girl is set to make its Montrose debut by mid-October.”

Source: houston.eater.com!

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