This Coffeehouse Introduces The First-Ever Vegan Whipped Cream Available

By now, there are so many dishes that can be prepared vegan-friendly. However, there are still some challenges when it comes to replace animal ingredients entirely by non-animal components. This is particularly true in cases where dairy products need to be equally substituted by non-dairy ingredients. Creating whipped cream without milk definitely belongs to those challenges. However, this company has been able to introduce the first-ever vegan whipped cream that one can get at a coffeehouse which tastes incredibly delicious. These are great news!

“National chain Peet’s Coffee & Tea introduces the first-ever vegan whipped cream available at a major coffeehouse.

Popular nationwide coffee chain Peet’s Coffee & Tea has introduced a first-of-its-kind, housemade, vegan whipped cream as a permanent menu addition to all of its 236 stores. Launched this summer as part of the “Coffee Meets Coconut” campaign, the whipped cream is made with just KARA coconut cream and simple syrup. “It’s been a big hit so far, very popular,” a Peet’s company spokesperson told VegNews. The coconut whipped cream—available to top any beverage for an additional 35¢—is being offered along with three new veganizeable beverages including the Coconut Crème Latte (espresso, non-dairy milk, coconut syrup, and melted coconut cream), Coconut Solstice Tea (Summer Solstice Black Iced Tea with coconut syrup and non-dairy milk), and the Coconut Crème Javiva (iced blended beverage made with coffee, coconut syrup, non-dairy milk, and topped by default with coconut whipped cream). The Coconut Crème Javiva is available for a special price during a Javiva Happy Hour from 12pm to 5pm every Thursday through August 25. In similar plant-based coffeehouse news, Starbucks announced this week plans to serve almond milk at all US stores beginning in September.”



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