When This 8 Year Old Vegan Girl Speaks The World Seems To Listen

People can go vegan at any age. In fact, nobody is too old or too young to make this decision. It may be harder as one grows up since one needs to give up on a lifestyle and on diet habits that had been adopted for many years. However, change is always possible. If you put your mind to it, nothing is impossible. So, this so likeable 8-years old girl went vegan when she was only 6-years old. She realized that her diet habits based on milk and meat were closely linked to the suffering of other animals. However, going vegan was only the beginning of her vegan journey. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary girl. When she speaks publicly people really seem to listen!

“There is something very special about that moment when we join the dots and realise the link between the food we’re eating and the animals we love. Genesis Butler has this experience far earlier than for most people. Going vegetarian of her own volition at the age of four, she chose to become vegan aged six, spurred on by a realisation she had watching her mother breastfeeding her baby brother.

Supported by her family, all of whom have joined Genesis in following a vegan lifestyle, she has gone from strength to strength in her animal advocacy. Genesis has picketed circuses, given speeches to her local governors, been interviewed on news stations and set up her own foundation to raise money for animals in need – all before her ninth birthday.

I took the opportunity to talk to the eight year old Genesis about her role as a young activist, her campaign work, and her ambitious plans for the future.

How old were you when you decided to go vegan?

I was six years old. I found out animals were killed for food, and the milk mama cows make for their babies was taken from them. I believe we shouldn’t kill animals for food or steal their milk, so I went vegan.

Do you think that children and adults think about animals differently?

Yes! Children seem to really love animals and care about them. An example is my baby brother who is six. Mom said it was up to him to decide if he wanted to go vegan too. One day he got upset when he saw a dead squirrel in the street. He started to cry, and I told him, “That’s why me and mom are vegan. We don’t want animals to die when they don’t have to.” Ever since that day he has been vegan and he loves it so much. He always says he is happy he doesn’t eat animals. He gets it.

Do people react differently to you as a young activist?

They like that I am a kid who is doing what I believe in. They are really interested in what I have to say, and I think they take me more seriously because they know I am speaking from my heart. They listen to me more than adults. When my Mom tells people she doesn’t believe in killing animals for food, they give her lots of excuses. When I tell them the same thing, they listen and want to know more.

Tell us about the speech you made to your local council 

I talked about the environment because California is in a drought and all you hear is to take shorter showers or take less time brushing your teeth, but this only saves a little bit of water. People not eating animals can save thousands of gallons of water. I want people to know how the food they eat has an effect on everyone, and I wasn’t scared because I always do public speaking. Now people in the city see me and recognise me, and I tell them about being vegan.”

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