Prepare To Envy Everyone Who Lives in One Of Those Two Cities

Many countries and cities start to adapt to the increasing numbers of vegans worldwide. Countries such as Israel which has the highest numbers of vegans per capita in the world or Britain that recently declared veganism to be its fastest growing lifestyle ever are just two examples. For instance, Britain still lays behind when it comes to offer entire vegan sections in supermarkets. So, the demand for vegan products in this country still exceeds the supply. However, there are two cities which are really exemplary when it comes to offer vegan dishes: Toronto and Los Angeles. In fact, one could be considered privileged to live as a vegan in one of those cities. Moreover, there is a restaurant that really stands out in those two cities which is Doomie’s. In case you should be living in one of those cities or plan to visit them, you should make sure to drop over at Doomie’s. Definitely, you are going to be excited about it!

“Doomie’s is a vegan restaurant in Parkdale that originated in Los Angeles. It takes a brash, unapologetic stance on veganism. The ideology, exemplified by a comfort food-filled menu, is all about the ethical treatment of animals and has nothing to do with the clean-eating that’s often associated with veganism – there’s not a salad or grain bowl in sight here.

Even the decor aims to dissociate itself from the Urban Herbivores and Kupfert & Kims of the city.

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The space, designed by Lisa Ho, takes over the former from Small Town Food Co. and employs distressed textures, neon lights and bar-height Tolix chairs to give the room a contemporary vibe.

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On the way downstairs to the selfie room, you’ll find comics from U.K. artist the Vegan Sidekick papering the walls.

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The Big Mac ($16) is probably the most famous item on the menu; it comes dressed with shredded lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese and secret sauce and arrives boxed up, just like at McD’s. It actually looks better than the real deal and tastes just as good, albeit this one is less greasy.

The sauce is a seasoned veganaise but the cheese (thankfully not Daiya) is house-made and is more like a spread. The restaurant doesn’t want to share its mock meats recipes (diners with allergies are the one exception). But they’re willing to reveal that they make the various burger patties, pulled pork and steak substitutes with wheat, soy and vegetable proteins.

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For something stronger, fortify yourself with cocktails like the vegan Caesar ($9), a cucumber cooler ($11) or a boozy milkshake.”

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