When Non-Vegans Try Vegan Desserts

Listen to what non-vegans say when they are asked to try vegan desserts!



  1. LuAnn Bruno Reply

    They probably shouldn’t have told people it was vegan because people have preconceived notions about how bad vegan food will taste. Most of the time, they are pleasantly surprised.

  2. Tammy Good Reply

    Yes!!! Vegan treats are good!!!! You will gain weight with these to! Remember vegans can have sugar and flour and oils! I try so hard to stay away from them but any vegan muffin whole foods makes I will take it down!!!!! LOL I’m really trying to do better about eating plant based whole foods and no oils.

  3. Anita Fabian Reply

    How old is this video because all the vegan desserts that I’ve made or bought kick serious$#%&!@*. So much so that I can’t keep them in the house..

  4. Lou Ann Mallon Reply

    Hmmm, not true. Do more research, neither of these oils are good for the lining of your blood vessels . . . Watch Dr. Esselstyn’s presentation online . . .

  5. Paige Harrison Reply

    This is stupid. I wouldn’t have liked half of these as a vegan, but I have tried the best brownies, I make the best choc chip cookies, there’s raw vegan cheesecake everywhere that is the bomb, and doughnut time sells vegan jame donuts and no one even knows the difference

  6. Dorothy Gunter Reply

    I didn’t say to eat spoon fulls of it but using it instead of animal fat is certainly not harmful. Better for human and animal. Many studies about the good effects of coconut oil for skin and allergies.

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