That’s Why Michelle Pfeiffer Still Looks So Naturally Beautiful

Michelle Pfeifer definitely belongs to that kind of Hollywood stars who had caught my attention since I was a child. I can still remember her featuring in Grease II and knocking me off my seat by her appealing performance. However, what makes her even more exceptional is that in comparison to many other female celebrities she had managed it to still look naturally beautiful without undergoing any plastic surgery as so many others had done. Her secret of still being so refreshingly young and beautiful is due to her adoption to a vegan lifestyle as she puts it. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary woman and her diet habits.

“Being a celebrity of elite status like Michelle Pfeiffer means a lot of things. First and foremost, the whole world is watching her. You probably can’t even remember the first time you saw her because it seems like she’s been on your screens forever. Whether it was being catwoman in the famous Batman movie franchise, a musical like Hairspray, or a classic like Scarface, she has always been exceptional at what she does.

Being an A-lister like Michelle means that people see her as a role model. Unlike other famous beauties, Michelle has always taken this responsibility seriously. She has never been the type to get caught up in scandals or set a bad example for her fans.

As with any female celebrity, people love to look for flaws. But Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the few Hollywood actresses that opted not to get plastic surgery. Instead, she is aging gracefully and very –shockingly– slowly. Naturally, everyone is asking: what’s her secret?

going vegan health benefits

Curious? Lucky for you, Michelle opened up to us and revealed her secret to a youthful look and how she dramatically slows down the aging process. Can’t wait to hear more? Read on:

Urbanette Magazine: You have this incredible glow about you, Michelle. Your skin is so healthy-looking and much younger than your years. I’m sure our readers want to know –what’s your secret?

Michelle Pfeiffer: Thank you! I definitely think it’s because I’m vegan. Eating a vegan diet — it’s just so much healthier — and you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin and your body. I really noticed a difference in my skin not too long after switching to fully vegan. And I needed to eat the fruits and vegetables to stay lean. It’s all about vanity, honestly. [She laughs.] The older I’ve gotten, the more it’s occurred to me that I’m doing it in order to live longer, though the vanity component will always be there.

Urbanette: The general public’s perception is that going vegan is not an easy feat. That’s why when someone goes vegan, the question many wonder is “why’d they do it?” I know you’re loving the benefits and have lots of reasons to stay on a vegan diet, but what was the initial inspiration behind it?

Michelle: I was watching CNN, and ‘The Last Heart Attack’ came on. I watched Bill Clinton talk about the last heart attack he had and learned that Clinton is a foodie. He’s a smart guy, so I’m thinking, ” if Bill Clinton loves the book by Dr. Esselstyn, there must be something that makes him stick to it.” He isn’t going to do something unless that there’s science behind it. So I got the book and I just felt like the science behind it was irrefutable. I couldn’t avoid the truth in it. My father died from cancer, and the older you get there’s a lot of disease. You see people dying from chronic disease and terminal illnesses. Anyway, science is always changing, but this one seems to stick.

Urbanette: I’m sorry to hear about your father having had cancer. I had it too, which was part of my process for going vegan. It’s a very anti-cancer diet. It seems like nowadays so many people get it — young people, too.

Michelle: So you know — there’s just too much cancer. I just feel like if there’s anything that I can do to lend my support, I’m happy to do it. I’m an active participant in Cedar Sinai’s Pink Party. The founder is an old friend of mine and I know her from the old neighborhood and met her thirteen years ago when she first opened her shop. And over the years, I’ve seen this pink party grow from a neighborhood thing to one of Cedar Sinai’s biggest cancer fundraisers. We both have someone very close to us with ovarian cancer.”

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    • Courtney Reply

      Cashew cream? Soy creamer? Coconut creamer? Your pick. Can’t wait to move out and go full vegan myself.

  1. Lisa Lauziere Reply

    Michelle Pfeiffer is a beautiful woman but she can thank more than her vegan diet. I am also vegan and haven’t lost weight or acquired a ‘glow’, don’t look any different at all.

  2. Dixie Sutton Reply

    I have lost weight and became healthy by going vegan whole food. No sugar, no oil, no salt, no flour, no alcohol. Nothing processed. Give this a try.

  3. Snja Banango Reply

    Plenty of ugly vegans I know lol it’s called photoshop. Don’t get me wrong I am vegan but dislike when people tout the vegan diet as magically anti aging . Bullshit

  4. Lisa Lauziere Reply

    No thanks, I’m happy with my regular vegan diet, which does include all kinds of whole grains, including wheat/flour. I do enjoy wine once in a while, as well as coffee and sugar too. I think I really just need more exercise.

  5. Lexy Scott Reply

    I am vegan for the animals. Not for my looks. Couldn’t care if I look like a bag of rocks, as long as I’m not harming animals.

  6. Valerie Alane Reply

    Dixie Sutton exactly. I HAVE to do the no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no caffeine. Man did my face clear up. Not to mention what it did for my intestinal tract! Amazing.

  7. Tanya Cleary Reply

    There’s a lot of processed vegan junk food. Whole food low fat is the way to go. I’m 53 and eat a whole food plant-based diet, with no oil, which is pure fat and 120 calories per tbs. Just dropping the oil will result in weight loss. I eat starches, like potatoes and grains, along with greens, veggies and fruit. I’m never hungry and easily stay lean.

  8. Angela Blakemore Reply

    The main thing is she’s promoting a vegan diet which is good for the animals. Christie Brinkley is Vegan too but she’s had to of had work as well. The diet can be youthful if not on the outside definitely on the inside compared to meat-eaters if your are staying plant not processed

  9. Colleen Moxy Murphy Reply

    It is her in both pictures. Get a close up of anyone and you’ll see their age. Get a professional photo with the right lighting and anyone can look better, not to mention hair, makeup, and photoshop. What’s most beautiful about anyone is their compassion for other living beings and their ability to stand up for them in a world that treats compassion like a dimwitted weakness. 🙂

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