Why Coconut Oil Contains The Healthiest Substance On Earth

Although coconut oil is one of the most used natural oils, we often miss out on its endless list of benefits.

No wonder island people considered it “The cure of all Illness”, this saturated fat is full of amazing health-promoting properties and can in no way cause high cholesterol or other bad effects like you’ve been led to believe.

As a matter of fact, coconut oil fuels your metabolism, it reduces the LDL cholesterol levels and regulates blood clotting factors. Not only that but it also makes you feel fuller longer thus reducing your food craving and eventually decreasing your body mass index and waist circumference! It also improves your digestive health overall, and the Health and Science Institute proved that it can promote colon health!

Over 13 million Americans suffer from low thyroid function, the cause isn’t clear but a cure definitely is: coconut oil! It can help turnaround your thyroid health and increase your energy.

Its sensational qualities don’t stop here! Coconut oil also helps you fight infection, its main component, lauric acid, is a powerful anti-microbial, it’s highly efficient in fighting viruses, bacteria and even yeast!

One daily serving or two of coconut oil can increase your body’s resistance to illnesses and even go as far as helping you heal ulcers of the stomach lining!

Watch the video very carefully!

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