Boston First Grade Teacher Shoots Awesome Music Video To Promote Veganism

Concerned about the eating habits of his students this Boston first grade teacher felt he had to do something about it. Of course, his approach needed to be cool to arrest his students’ attention. So, he decided to shoot a music video to promote healthy eating by focusing on plant-based foods. Fortunately, his idea was strongly supported by principal, students, community centers, family members, and even the local police department. Read on to learn more about it and watch his awesome video!

What inspired you to create the ‘eat veggies like a rabbit’ song?

As a teacher, I did not see many of the children or adults in my school eating healthy. The children would often throw away their fruits and vegetables. So I wanted to create a song to make eating vegetables cool. Also I was fascinated by the variety of fruits and vegetables in a rabbit’s diet.

Who wrote the lyrics of the song they are really clever and catchy? 

I am the songwriter. My writer’s name is A. Intisar Turner.

Tell us a bit about yourself, the name of your school, your role at the school?

I am a vegan. I teach first grade at the Nathan Hale School in Boston. I am also an author, writer, and poet.

How long have you been a vegan and what brought you to the lifestyle?

I have been vegan for over 3 years. My sister was diagnosed with colon-cancer and I wondered if diet contributed to her illness. I stared reading books on health and vegan diets. I wanted to make the shift to a more healthy lifestyle but didn’t really know how. After educating myself, I decided to take the plunge. Before I became vegan, doctors would tell me to watch out for my blood pressure, as it was getting high. I also wore glasses for my vision for 20+ years, and I was gaining weight that I could not control. After becoming vegan, I was told my blood pressure is fine, I no longer needed glasses, within 2 years of my vegan diet my doctor said I see 20/20 vision, and my weight is no longer a problem. I attribute these changes to the change in my diet and from eating lots of raw fruits and veggies. So I wanted to share my new found happiness with others.

Do you know many vegans, and have you seen an increase in the lifestyle? 

I am meeting more and more vegans. At first, it was a very odd and taboo lifestyle for my co-workers and my students. Even my family was very apprehensive. Yet as my health increased, many of my family members started taking on a vegan lifestyle. After doing the video, being vegan or eating veggies is no longer seen as a taboo in our school, and plates are definitely changing and becoming more greener, with time.

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