These Are The Most Vegan-Friendly Cities In The World

There’s no doubt that vegans are on the rise and so is the vegan movement. However, did you know that by now there are cities who are considered to be the most vegan-friendly cities in the world? Probably, some of these cities may be a surprise to you. However, it’s crystal clear that entire cities have started to align to the rapidly increasing number of vegans. Definitely, there will be more cities in the years to come which are going to offer vegans all kinds of restaurants, premium vegan dinners and many more.

Way back in ancient Greece, Plato was philosophizing about a menu based solely on greenery, making him — along with Buddha, Gandhi and Einstein — among history’s foremost plant diet trendsetters.
Even so, the vegan lifestyle is experiencing a remarkable boom today, with a proliferation of in-demand meat and dairy-free restaurants, bakeries and bars around the globe.
In light of PETA officially declaring 2016 “#TheYearofVegan”, here are our top picks for cities with the best lean, green vegan scenes.

Portland, Oregon

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Portland earned top marks from PETA as America’s #1 Vegan-Friendly City for 2016, and many vegans around the world would strongly agree.
“Portland, Oregon is hands down the best city for vegans in the entire country,” declares Will Travel For Vegan Food blogger Kristin Lajeunesse.
“They’ve got everything from fine dining to bars, a vegan grocery store, [a] tattoo shop…and even vegan strip clubs.”
Vegan-focused film and events producer Demetrius Bagley also co-signs Portland’s plant-eating preeminence.
“I really enjoyed the atmosphere and cocktails at Sweet Hereafter … and decadent, sometimes obscene, down-home comfort food of Homegrown Smoker,” he says.
“That any given bar with food offers tasty and unique vegan food is still unheard of elsewhere.”


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Berlin remains Europe’s Capital of Vegan, with more exclusively vegan restaurants than any other city on the continent (Prague and Warsaw come in second and third, respectively), according to major vegetarian/vegan website
“You don’t want to inconvenience others with your dietary restrictions and around here you don’t have to,” says Sandra Espenhain, a local vegan.
“What’s more? Given Berlin’s relatively low prices, the costs of vegan foods are comparably low.”
Upscale choices abound as well, including Kopps, where diners can indulge on five-course dinners in the city’s first high-end vegan restaurant, having opened in 2011.

New York City

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New York City, unsurprisingly, offers the most vegan food options in the United States.
“New York City is truly the heart of the vegan scene in the East Coast,” says Carmen Surana, the Catering Manager for The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck.
“In the last couple of years, fast casual vegan restaurants and food trucks have changed the way people think about vegan food.”
NYC also hosts some of the most trendy vegan/vegan-friendly spots in the world.
These include the new, swanky pizza joint 00 + Co. in East Village and Chalk Point Kitchen, which “has become the go-to for celebrities and savvy New Yorkers,” says local insider Chetna Sabnani.

Los Angeles

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With a population just shy of four million — America’s second largest — the West Coast metropolis was bound to have a variety of dining options for alternative diets.
In fact, some vegans, such as Atlanta-based Bryan Prewitt, say L.A. has the edge over the Big Apple.
“While both have great vegan choices, L.A. blows NYC away,” he argues. “NYC has some great spots, but they tend to be pricier, less accessible, and they have substantially less variety.
“LA has a lot more options, including value options and niche spots like Gracias Madre, the best vegan Mexican in the world in a trendy/casual space.”

Tel Aviv

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Israel’s modern seaside city hosts the world’s largest vegan festival, Vegan-Fest Tel Aviv, and was recently ranked the #1 Best Destination for Vegan Travelers by The Daily Meal.
“Veganism here is a way of life,” says Keren Brown, who’s lived in Tel Aviv for three years and writes on the city’s dining scene.
“Dairy has lost popularity over the last few years in many circles and the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle with its focus on seasonal fruit, vegetables, lentils, chickpeas and other legumes make it a popular lifestyle.”

One of the hottest spots is Miss Kaplan, a pop-up-turned-permanent best known for their “carrot dog” — a large, smoked carrot marinated in Jack Daniels and served in a hot steamed bun.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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Down in the Aloha State, Honolulu has been taking more advantage of its bountiful access to fresh tropical produce and is fast becoming a vegan hotspot in the Pacific.
Sandra Ritchie, who was a university student in Honolulu and has committed to the vegan lifestyle ever since, raves about hip hangout Downbeat Diner.
“With regular live shows featuring local artists, a decor straight out of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and vegan options for nearly every menu item it’s a must-stop location for all of my island visits,” she says.
Vegans also enjoy Greens & Vines, a sophisticated all-vegan restaurant that also sells goods at several farmers’ markets every week.”
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  1. Jackie Cafaro Reply

    Moving to LA at the end of the summer and I can’t wait to check out all the vegan hot spots! Pittsburgh isn’t bad, but I’ll be happy to have more options!

  2. Erica Rowling Reply

    I find it strange that it only mentioned two cities outside the US and no countries in Asia with huge vegan populations particularly in India.

  3. Paula J Summer Reply

    I eat very small amounts of meat…feel better when I do. Utilizing other sources of protein. Hawaii is still good for all it’s tropical fruit. 🙂 Our fruit is sucky in the winter.

  4. Ki Ah Reply

    Yeah I used to think London was amazing but then I went to Barcelona. We should do a vegan weekend there

  5. Kim Smith Reply

    Las Vegas should be added to this list. Vegas’ vegan food options have been growing like crazy lately. You can even find plenty of vegan choices on the Vegas strip. 🙂

  6. Jennifer Reply

    Hard to believe that about Honolulu. I live in the outer islands, and when I was in Honolulu, I was looking for Vegetarian restaurants, ( know it’s not quite the same but close enough. )There were barely any. Course it’s been over 6 years since I’ve been to Oahu, so things could have changed

  7. Emily Reply

    I have to disagree with Honolulu… As a vegan who recently visited Honolulu. It is not incredibly vegan friendly. Options are few and far between. Downbeat was great, but in general finding food in this city is not easy for a vegan.

  8. Emily Brown Reply

    Honolulu has a couple of nice vegan friendly places, but it is not Portland. In my experience, it was exhausting trying to find good vegan food in that city.

  9. Sara Reply

    When I was studying yoga in India, I discovered entire towns that by law do not serve food with any animal products as they are deemed holy areas. So basically you can eat at any restaurant in these towns and they are all
    Vegan. Great to visit, especially if you also want to experience an authentic yoga vibe too.

  10. Coraly Brown Reply

    Hélène Clb oui on se prévoit ça. Next yearrrr hopefully. Ça serait super. Si vous voulez voir la cote ouest c trouvé en TT K ❤

  11. Claudia Alacan Reply

    Yep I thought the same thing, after what you told me. But look at all of the other cities! Veganism is catching on! Did you see the stats on the Jackfruit article? Yayyyy!

  12. Tomoko Lotus Shibuya Reply

    This list forgot to put Taipei, Taiwan as #1. Whole country is vegan friendly and there are vegetarian/vegan restraunts in every where with15 minitues walking distance. I’ve been vegan for 24 years and I lived there for 8 years. Easiest city to live for vegans.

  13. Devon Fry Reply

    Hahaha I’m down! I’m slightly confused on the Vegan strip club. Is it that they don’t wear leather? Lol

  14. Jennifer Mateer Reply

    I was surprised no Indian or other south/ south east Asia countries were on there as well! Living in India was super easy as a vegan

  15. Emma Louise Reply

    They forgot bora bora… The beach is lined with vegan restaurants, (5 or 6) they can’t get dairy in because it’s so remote so everybody drinks coconut milk. I think it’s bora bora, my parents went recently

  16. Krista Nicole Rojas Reply

    Went to Honolulu this year. I mean sure if you are on a raw diet, but most places didn’t have a vegan menu of options so I had to build my own or omit things like back home.

  17. Louise schuler Reply

    What about Canada, is there no places vegan friendly??

  18. Krystal Kaye Ryan Reply

    The fiscal struggle is real, says the guy who jumps in his luxury BMW each morning, making his way to a 6 figure salary job where his meals are provided…get the$#%&!@*outta here

  19. Trevor Hunter Reply

    And pay half that salary to a tax I can’t claim that goes to these people that choose to do nothing knowing the hard workers will pay their way.

  20. Samantha Johnston Reply

    I live outside Vancouver and I find it very vegan friendly around here! Lots of restaurant options and easy to just shop from a regular grocery store. Plus we have for any of the hard ti find stuff.

  21. Megan Casino Reply

    I live in the outskirts of Portland or and I agree 100% Portland is the most vegan friendly places I’ve seen! Every restaurant has a vegan option on the menu (you don’t even have to ask what it is!) and tons of fully vegan restaurants!!

  22. Teresa French Reply

    not a hope that Australia is anywhere near the top – far too interested and invested in the beef industry, I reckon Aus will be the last country on the planet to go mainstream vegan.

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