This Man Fights A Multi-Billion Dollar Dairy Company

Probably, it will still take some time until many more people wake up and learn about the disastrous health impact of milk. It is linked to so many health issues such as constipation, osteoporosis, allergies, sleeping disorders, metabolic issues just to name a few. Against this background, the Tony Award-winning actor, Alan Cumming, took the initiative and wrote a letter to Dairy Queen, a multi-billion dollar company suggesting to follow in the footsteps of other multinational companies such as Ben & Jerry’s which started to offer plant-based alternatives to its dairy products. The response of this company to this letter is still pending!

“Actor pens an open letter asking Dairy Queen to introduce plant-based options.

Actor Alan Cumming has written a letter on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asking that nationwide chain Dairy Queen introduce vegan options to its menu. The 51-year-old Tony Award-winning actor addressed Dairy Queen CEO John P. Gainor, calling for the $2.5 billion company to follow in the footsteps of businesses such as TCBY, Pinkberry, and Ben & Jerry’s to offer vegan ice cream.

“Given the increased global demand from people who suffer from dairy allergies and lactose intolerance as well as those concerned about their health, the environment, and animal welfare,” Cumming said, “it’s no surprise that the dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $19.5 billion in value by 2020. Dairy Queen has the opportunity to broaden its appeal by offering healthier, ‘greener,’ animal-friendly vegan treats.”



  1. Carla Barnes Reply

    Besides all of the above…almond milk just tastes better than regular milk to me anyway…Wish more people would try it!

  2. Pato Nancy Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Carla I was watching some Hispanic television station and they said half a million consumers were kicking milk out of Thier diets due to cholesterol uprising I got up and cheered .

  3. Yvonne Aubeeluck Reply

    Why does eating & drinking have to involve violence torture and murder?
    How can ANYONE digest that knowledge?
    It all goes down the$#%&!@*hole in the end for 5 minutes of taste buds pleasure!!!!

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