How This Man Converted Acne Into A Crystal-Clear Complexion by Going Vegan

Suffering from acne is really hard. This skin disease is visible by anyone. It’s simply impossible to coat it. In fact, this young man at the age of 23 suffered from it since he hit puberty. He tried many so-called remedies out to get rid of it but in vain. He even used Accutane,  which is considered a heavy duty anti-acne drug, but his skin problem was only temporarily resolved and showed up again once he weaned it off. So, this was no long-term solution. However, after he had banished all meat and dairy from his diet his complexion started to bloom again. Read on to learn how going vegan made him solve this issue he had been suffering from for so many years.

An acne-riddled bodybuilder has revealed the surprising dietary tips that cleared his complexion.

Brian Turner, 23, turned to veganism after exhausting every possible solution to rid his face of the large pus-filled cysts that had haunted him since puberty.

He guaranteed others could banish acne if they dropped all dairy out of their diet, drank a gallon of water a day and ate at least 10 to 16 servings of vegetables a day.

going vegan health benefits

Before and after: Bodybuilder Brian Turner has shared the surprising secret behind his clear complexion

In an Instagram video posted to his 70,000 followers, Mr Turner revealed the secrets behind his crystal-clear complexion.

‘So I used to have super severe acne all over my face. I had nodular cysts – four, five, six of them – over my face every single day of my life,’ he said.

‘Literally never would I not have three or four cysts on my face.

‘Eventually I was able to clear it up. And a lot of you guys having been asking me, ”How did you get clear? What did you do?”.’

Mr Turner initially used Accutane, a heavy duty anti-acne drug, but his skin problem returned once he weaned off it.

‘I can’t lie to you. I took Accutane for over 70 weeks,’ he said.

‘After I took it I started to relapse a little bit and I could see my acne starting to come back in little dots.

going vegan health benefits

‘So what I did is I tried multiple different things but the thing I ended up sticking with was going vegan.

‘So that means no animal-based products at all. But it also for me meant drinking way more water.’

Mr Turner ‘guaranteed’ that his prescription of water and vegetables would help acne sufferers.

‘If you have acne…drop all dairy out of your diet, drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat at least 10 to 16 servings of vegetables a day,’ he said.

‘If you do those two things I guarantee that you will see some difference in your skin.’



  1. Anonymous Reply

    This is exactly how i got rid of my acne too. I cut out dairy in November last year, then gradually reduced my meat intake. By May this year my skin was like i’ve never seen before. Like being 11/12 yrs old again before my skin started going crazy.

  2. Tracey-May Thomas Reply

    I had terrible acne & found it so distressing. I tried everything nothing worked. When I cut out all dairy products, crisps, chocolate, sugary drinks, white carbs, alcohol, & changed to a vegan diet, my skin has dramatically improved it’s such a relief. Yes my diet is extreme & people think I’m too radical. But I just ignore them. They weren’t the ones having to endure the pain of waking up to spots every day on top of scars that make up can’t hide. I’m so relieved that I’ve found a cure for my acne…..

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Are you taking supplements? B12 for example? I found when I took them I was breaking out when I started taking a B vitamin tablet. So Ive just started incorporating fortified foods once a day into my meals instead. My skin has cleared up again quickly.

  4. Haley Trujillo Reply

    How do supplements cause breakouts? I take b12 zinc and hair skin & nail vitamins because i heard they help ur skin….so if they are doing the opposite. Ima be pissed.

  5. Tracey-May Thomas Reply

    Jasmine Denson horrible wasn’t it! Don’t miss them at all. I occasionally get a tiny pimple. But no more of them deep rooted, sore, huge red pus filled black heads. Thank goodness, I took the time to do my research & realise that certain types of food was causing them. xx

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