The Top 9 Vegan Foods That Prevent Coronary Artery Disease

Everybody is afraid of getting a heart attack. There are no exemptions. However, knowing the reasons for it and avoiding them may relieve that fear. Succumbing to a heart attack is always due to clogged coronary arteries. So, it is crucial to keep those arteries clean and unclogged. But what is the best way to make this happen? In 2004, a 3-year clinical trial proved that the power of pomegranate to unclog arteries was stunning. The study showed that the regular intake of pomegranate juice already unclogged arteries by 29% in only one year. The results of this study were published in the Journal Of Clinical Nutrition. Now, just imagine if you took not only one fruit that prevents coronary artery disease but nine. Definitely, you would increase that percentage by far more than 29%. Read on to find out how these nine vegan foods can either reverse or prevent the thickening of the coronary arteries and thus make sure to decrease your cardiac mortality significantly.

“These are the 9 most effective natural ways to unclog your arteries and prevent serious illness:


The main ingredient of oats, soluble fiber, doesn’t allow the creation of cholesterol. This kind of fiber binds to cholesterol and carries it out of the body. Research found that if you want to reduce the level of cholesterol by almost 20%, you only need to eat 1 ½ to 2 ½ cups of cooked oat per day.

Cranberry juice

Drink 3 glasses of this juice every week and you will successfully unclog your arteries. This juice increases the cell’s ability to absorb the fats and produce energy out of it, instead of letting the fat deposit inside the blood vessels, keeping away the fat from your arteries.


Pomegranates are powerful antioxidants which can help you in the fight against hardening of the arteries, as they reduce the blood vessel damage and reverse the progression of this disease.

Olive oil

Research showed that olive oil is fantastic in preventing cholesterol. It oxidizes and sticks to the arteries, for only oxidized cholesterol can stick to arterial walls and form plaques. The most important part of olive oil, monounsaturated fats, are less likely to be oxidized when they’re mixed with bad cholesterol.


Garlic has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases and prevent adverse health conditions. Initially, its use was to treat high blood pressure and heart diseases, but preventive medicine claims that it is also amazing in preventing coronary artery calcification, which is used as a marker for plaque formation.


Korean researchers found a certain compound in tomatoes which helps in the prevention of hardening the arteries. It’s called lycopene and gives tomatoes their color. Moreover, they discovered that women with high levels of lycopene in their blood have lesser stiffness in their arteries.


Spinach is high in folic acid and potassium and they help in the prevention of hypertension. It frees the arteries in a way that prevents the cholesterol to build up and it prevents heart attacks at the same time. Lutein, which is another component of spinach, acts as a good protector against the macular degeneration related to aging.

Kiwi and cantaloupe

You can unclog your arteries by consuming one cup of cantaloupe or one kiwi a day.  This is due to the high content of antioxidants, as well as their property to reduce the toxic LDL cholesterol formed by a rusting process in the arteries. They prevent rust and also prevent it from spreading.


Flavonoids, resveratrol and quercetin are the most useful ingredients of grapes. They are good at preventing oxidation of bad cholesterol which leads to the formation of plaque on the arterial walls.Grapes help in reducing the risk of developing blood clots which are contributors of heart diseases.”

If you want to know why a 100 year old vegan heart surgeon, who has been living for the last 50 years as a vegan, advocates for a vegan lifestyle to be the best remedy for avoiding and even removing coronary artery diseases, then make sure to click here!

Source: Healthy Food House



  1. Going Vegan Reply

    They are because the term “vegan” foods has only been created after veganism had become a lifestyle. So, this term suggests that these foods do not contain animal or animal by-products.That’s exactly what these foods and any other foods that meet this criterion stand for. So, in fact these foods were vegan long before this term has even been created.

  2. Naomi Nedd Reply

    I consume 7 of the nine regularly. I don’t drink any fruit juice and I don’t eat pomegranate on a regular basis but I think overall I’m good. #LoveMyVeganDiet

  3. Cyndi Freschi Reply

    Sugar and corn syrup is vegan. Coconut is super high in saturated fat but is vegan. Not that vegan is a bad thing but there is ways to be an unhealthy vegan too.

  4. Lori Ann Reply

    What’s interesting is that I just became a vegan less than a year ago and was recently hospitalized for what they thought was a heart attack so I had to get tests. One in particular was a CTA and angiogram and the results showed I had no plaque not even the 10% that most people have. They were surprised.

  5. Going Vegan Reply

    Of course, this doesn’t happen over night when one has built plaque over the years. However, the plaque starts to vanish over the course of time if one sticks to the vegan diet. This is not magic but only the result of a healthy diet.

  6. Going Vegan Reply

    Danielle Cunningham Reed The best remedy for calcified arteries is garlic. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of it when it comes to purify arteries. 🙂

  7. Joanne Gaglione Brown Reply

    Other things cause build up like partially hydrogenated oils and sugar. In fact the last vegan I’ve met was an over weight guy that could hardly breath. My old manager also was an over weight vegan guy, that ate a lot of donuts. Many times other things like tofu is used as a substitute which is unhealthy. So not all vegans arteries look like picture, in fact I doubt many do at all.

  8. Jackie N Price Reply

    If you read mainstream stuff you’ll always be convinced that nothing is reversible. Thing is almost everything is, but you won’t find it in the news, newspapers or mainstream magazines.

  9. Going Vegan Reply

    Debbie Busch Sorry for the inconvenience! Obviously, the hosting provider is facing some issues this week. Currently, it’s working again. Hope the issue is settled now for good!

  10. Going Vegan Reply

    Jackie N Price You hit the mark, Jackie! Medical doctors will always tell you that you have to accept their medical report as face value and as a final statement. Unfortunately, it’s going to be final for those who believe them but for so many others it could be the beginning of taking control and responsibility for their own health starting with a diet that can transform any worn-out body to a completely vivid and healthy body 🙂

  11. Joanne Gaglione Brown Reply

    No one wants to give up the sugar so let’s blame it on the fats. I’d like to know how many vegans actually eat clean which would have to be raw. Everyone I’ve met eats way to much wheat and sugar.

  12. Linda Roberts Reply

    I love all the stuff on this list!!
    But where do find the cranberry juice that has the most cranberry juice in it?? Oceanspray only has 27%.
    My daughter has pomegranate trees in her yard!!

  13. Gale Romolino Reply

    This looks very Scientific lol…
    Im a male, I’ll be 59 years old in Feb and just had a complete check up from a Heart specialist everything is in great shape. And I eat Meat?
    This is my Wifes FB so don’t be confused by the profile pic lol
    Maybe you should get into Politics if this is how you want to push your agenda?
    If you got a great product and you believe in it try being nice to people without painting the Whole doomsday image of everyone who isn’t like you, you might reach more people.

  14. Mitzi Mansolino Reply

    I am an RN. I see the effects of the American diet rich in animal products every day… I work in Loma LInda. It is a blue zone. The hospital does not even serve meat. This doctor worked at LLUMC until he retired at 94 years old. Also, realize if you are President Bill Clinton you can afford the best of the best when it comes to health advice after you have had a heart attack. He did not go vegan for nothing.

  15. Gale Romolino Reply

    Mitzi Mansolino it has to be free range meat or fish….Meat raised by factory farms destroys the fats and oils while free range grass feed has very healthy fats

  16. Gale Romolino Reply

    Going Vegan actually I wouldn’t call 1 persons opinion a confirmation unless you have already made up your mind and aren’t open to other opinions.
    less then 5% of the world is Vegan and while i do believe the average Vegan lives a healthier life style then the average person (because they are very into health) And because you have 95% of the rest of the people to make comparisons with (A lot of people who eat$#%&!@*food, Fast Food) that doesn’t give you scientific proof that your lifestyle is healthier.
    There is a lot of very unhealthy vegans also that are almost starving their bodies of nutrition or eating Vegan donuts like thats a great dinner.
    Go ahead and be vegan its your choice, but don’t act like you have all the answers (Show me a study where Vegans live longer then meat eaters who are also into a healthy diet)

  17. Mitzi Mansolino Reply

    Oh my goodness, Gale. I posted a scientifically known fact. Research blue zones! Loma Linda is one of 5 areas in the world where people live on average over 100 years old. They are called, “The people who forget to die.” They do not succumb to the health issues I deal with on a daily basis with the average American I deal with in my work, (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer). If you are closed to the truth, you will not see it when it is presented to you. I am not going to answer another reply from you. Waste of time.

  18. Susan Ziegler Reply

    Good points. I’m wondering what causes the difference. I don’t think it’s meat alone that causes the plaque, but rather all the other junk, like dairy, sweets, chips, etc etc etc. (Although I do think raw is best.)

  19. Eden Feistamel Reply

    The reality is, we no longer need meat to survive. In the early years of human life, yes, it was needed. But now, we have evolved and so has natural medicine. Our meat is so tainted now, we are eating the emotions and stress of these abused animals. When that animal dies, the energy that manifested within that animal stays in that meat. Therefore, you eat that negative energy the cow, or chicken, or whatever animal suffered from. There is more to meat, than just meat. It carries a lot of negativity within it. Call me crazy, but after I became vegEtarian my energies became healthier. Not just my body.

  20. Rebekah Kathleen Clementson Reply

    I’ve done vegan in the past when I was into running, but am one a regular meat mealplan right now from my team for my show prep.

    I’m contemplating making it pescatarian and using Vegan1 protein (instead of eggs/dairy/whey) , and choosing the fish options for my other meals. This helped me decide to try it! 🙂

  21. Nana Dxn Reply

    No need to be extreme, I am not vegan and I don’t have colesterol and now I am even healing from cancer. I am healing from cancer (paillary carcinoma) with reishi mushrooms and dehydrated in cool air, spirulina (for nutrition because it is so rich in nutrients that I was depleted from because of what I used to eat). I got my thyroid taken out and 2 limp nodes because of papillary carcinoma 8 years ago. I got diagnosed agan 7 years later because one of the 6 pieces left out in there, mutated. I prayed to God for wisdom and I started researching for cancer survival people on different healing methods. I learned and did and try several home remedies, I changed my eating habits (but I am no vegetarian, I do eat more vegetables now and less meat).When I started tumor marker was on 22 and went down to 8.6 in 3 weeks. 7 months later it went down from 8.6 to 2.0. This week is just 1.0. Dr even mentioned to me, from lab results that my immune system was high. Thank God I am healing and nurturing my body so it makes my body feel great. My rheumatoid arthritis went away, bone pain went away, sight improved, energy level is higher, skin, hair, nails look much better, metabolism started to work properly, I don’t crave sugar anymore, and I sleep better. Iron level went up a bit but I feel much better, B12 went up, female hormones went up some, ferritin went up, niacin went up, and even vitamin D went up some in just 30 days with spirulina. Japan already use reishi mushrooms as MEDICINE to treat cancer patients and other sickness. I think those pieces were left in me to continue business but God open my eyes and I took the natural treatments route this time. I did considered Gerson Therapy and cannabis oil, but my pockets weren’t that deep. I did Budwig therapy too too and guanabana leaves tea but tumor marker didn’t stop climbing. I only pay for what I consume, I don’t pay to get coached since I changed eating habits on my own and I am not doing everything organic only some.

  22. Petra Elliott Reply

    Your argument is the same one as a 65 yeast old smoker’s, who says he/she doesn’t have lung cancer after smoking for 40 years. For every one of you, there are many more who have lung cancer or artery disease. Don’t be fooled.

  23. Going Vegan Reply

    Praise the Lord for this good news, Nana Dxn! May God bless you in the upcoming year physically and spiritually beyond your boldest imagination!

  24. Gale Romolino Reply

    Petra Elliott “for everyone of you?” LOL I don’t smoke and Im actually smart enough to separate the difference between a healthy meat diet that include free range or hunted meats with Vegetables and a starch to cigarettes that have ZERO health benefits at all and is deadly.

  25. Going Vegan Reply

    It is real. If you don’t believe what you see, then maybe you believe in what you hear. Listen to that interview above of this almost 100 year old vegan heart surgeon. He also talks about the awesome impact of a vegan diet on arteries.

  26. Vanessa Corrigan Reply

    hey guys- I’m already practicing a lowfat plant based life. I don’t need convincing. But for those that aren’t already on the path- an actual photograph of clogged arteries from animal fat consumption would be much more convincing.

  27. Luna Picot Reply

    Just by seeing this photo I have established that this site isn’t credible. Because using the phrase “non-vegan artery” is extremely subjective and informal, yet it’s being used formally to describe something medical. Non-vegans are fully capable of having arteries that look like the left. Diet isn’t black and white; this is something that vegans seem to have glossed over. I’m so sick of this haughty holier-than-thou attitude.

  28. Jen Thomas Reply

    I’m 8 weeks vegan, 2 years vegetarian.

    Firstly, extra weight pretty much melted off instantly when I flipped the vegan switch to “on”… I wasn’t really expecting it but I think it mostly has to do with my no longer having breads (I’ll use tortillas occasionally) and not eating ice creams (I had tried one almond milk variety that was pretty decent).

    More than anything I FEEL amazing. The cruelty-free life has done wonders for my skin.

    As far as arteries precisely how long after becoming vegan does this happen? I thought the plaque buildup was there to stay even if you switched? Is this only for those who’ve always been cruelty free?

  29. Roxana Guerra Reply

    Depends on if non-vegans eat in moderation. Heavy meat eating and a lot of fast food will def bring on illnesses, including clogged arteries. I thinl they are comparing vegans with the general american population which includes many folks who eat a lot of arywry clogging food

  30. Luna Picot Reply

    Yeah, that’s the thing. This isn’t credible or accurate because it’s using importer and misleading terminology. It’s irresponsible to lead an experiment and use two controlled variables that aren’t comparable; vegans are a VERY specific group and “the average American” is not. And to equate the average American to all non-vegans is simply irresponsible and unreliable pseudoscience. This is a pattern vegan rhetoric has.

  31. Heidi Augsburger Reply

    According to my cardiologist Going vegans response is very incorrect and diet is only a small portion of the equation- much of it is honestly a genetic lottery.

  32. Carol Frezza Reply

    Olive oil is a problem. Research shows it also damages the blood vessels. This article has some flaws. See Dr. McDougall YouTube video No Oil.

  33. Susan Eshed Reply

    I have read some article that now say that olive oil is so processed. And some companies add other oils to olive oils. Just eat flax seed and avocado.

  34. Della Scala Reply

    There r none so blind, than those who refuse to see. I honestly feel you need an attitude adjustment.I choose a plant based diet,if you choose to eat whatever? why covet this sight.

  35. Gina Russo Reply

    Being vegan does not mean you are a healthy eater either! Many people
    Assume vegan options are great and yet they are filled with sugars, preservatives and high in sodium. Stick to making things yourself, understanding labels and not
    Assuming being vegan is the only thing to a clean eating path. It’s a step to a better life but still filled with poor choices if not done so wisely. Fat and unhealthy vegans do exist and carry other ailments due to these things as well.

  36. Stephanie Cheli Reply

    Gina Russo so true. I’ve been vegan for two and a half years. I’ve met a lot of junk food vegans along the way. Eat cleaner, not most convenient.

  37. Angelique Jennings Reply

    Just watched Forks Over Knifes where there was scientific evidence of the layer of tissue in our arteries that decrease plaque build up heal and began to clear the plaque away on a whole foods plant based diet. Amazing stuff, really a must watch movie!

  38. Krissy Davis Reply

    So many great meat substitutes too 🙂 check whole foods or even target for em. Beyond meat/beyond chicken and sweet earth is delic in my humble opinion. Also many restaurants and some fast foods have meat substitutes too or starting to carry em, but you’ll have to ask. Good luck. I found it easy once I focused on the victims. My family is huge meat eaters too, but stopped giving me hell when I played clips of Earthlings for them 😉

  39. Kelly Forward Reply

    If you eat a well balanced diet eating meat won’t do this..and with some ppl it doesn’t matter what they do and all the prescriptions in the world doesn’t help clear it up..

  40. Sandy Vickery Hill Reply

    My goal is to help 5-10 new people achieve their health, energy, and weight loss goals! Will you be one of them? Send me a friend request and a message!
    ✅ Organic
    ✅ Vegan
    ✅ Kosher
    ✅ Diabetic friendly
    ✅ Soy free
    ✅ Gluten free

  41. Gale Romolino Reply

    Kelseigh Aitche Excuse me, dumb$#%&!@*(It is ok if I call you DUMB$#%&!@*)
    Dont worry about me and my wife.
    Im guessing you don’t have a man? lol
    And stop trolling my comments TROLL!

  42. Kelly Forward Reply

    My sources are my brother and many friends who eat very little meat in their diets and one friend who is vegan and are on prescription drugs for plaque build up and blood clots and it still doesn’t clear it up..

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