New York Restaurateur Makes All His 15 Restaurants Vegan After His Cat’s Death

Nowadays, it’s not difficult at all to go vegan in comparison to the last decade. There are so many options one could go for: vegan recipes, vegan cocktail bars, vegan restaurants and even vegan hair dye lines. However, sometimes it still takes a special experience to make this transition entirely. In fact, that was the case with this likeable restaurant owner. Ravi DeRossi once thought he needed to offer menus containing meat in order to be successful in this business until his beloved cat died. He was so moved by its death that it caused him to take the final decision by offering entirely vegan menus after making all his 15 restaurants vegan. And on top of everything: His sales doubled after his restaurants went vegan!

“In a recent Vice article, New York City restaurateur Ravi DeRossi discusses his switch to all-vegan menus.
DeRossi, who is working to turn nearly all of his 15 restaurants and bars vegan, says food sales at cocktail bar Mother of Pearl have doubled since it went vegan.


In a candid interview with the Village Voice, DeRossi said he was inspired to make the transition after losing his beloved cat.
DeRossi had been a lifelong animal lover and on-and-off vegan, yet when he broke into the restaurant industry nearly a decade ago, he felt like he had to serve meat to be successful. “I got sucked into that world. I sort of lost my conscience along the way.”


Although the double in sales is a great sign, DeRossi is just happy others share his ethical vegan beliefs. “I’m more worried about my conscience and living with the weight on my shoulders of the damage I’m doing, and the suffering of animals,” DeRossi told Vice.


Thankfully, restaurateurs like DeRossi no longer need to serve meat to succeed. The world is changing and new vegan restaurants and products are coming out every day.”



  1. Akari Grey Reply

    This was honestly me lmao when I was a child I never really knew much about animal cruelty or the disgusting inhumane conditions that factory animals are put through, it was thanks to my dog I stopped eating meat at 12 and the peta film I am a Animal activist on hbo and a cow documentary(But$#%&!@*peta because they are hypocrites and animal killers do your research before supporting liars) becoming vegetarian and later vegan!!! So I love reading similar stories

  2. Bhavika Sicka Reply

    It was my pet rabbit’s death and a campaign by PETA that opened my eyes and my heart and made me give up meat overnight. Our family had started a restaurant in Calcutta — an Indian restaurant called Kundan — and I pushed my dad to make it vegetarian and meat-free (he eats meat himself, but he did it for me and for my mum. She loves animals too).

  3. Akari Grey Reply

    Bhavika Sicka yup, When I was very little I was so picky it drove my mom nuts lmao I barely ate meat because chicken, beef and pork disgusted me so I would mostly eat bread, cheese and eggs and some veggies! I hated milk because i had read somewhere before that milk contained pus, so it wasn’t hard for me to switch! I remember when I was the the only vegetarian among my friends and even a couple of my friends tried to be veggie but eventually gave up lmao xD

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