Does A Vegan Diet Prevent Diabetes?

Many people suffer from diabetes with a long-term impact on the quality of their life. However, is it possible to prevent this disease by living life as a vegan? Well, on the one hand there are very evident studies that do suggest that clearly since the non-vegan lifestyle is almost always related to a meaty, fatty diet which opposes the insulin’s actions. On the other hand, the vegan lifestyle is proved to diminish blood sugar and cholesterol which are critical components of diabetes. Moreover, a plant-based diet is even appropriate to reverse diabetes if it’s followed strictly.

“Diet changes are the cornerstone to treating type 2 diabetes. Current diet recommendations require restricting portion sizes, measuring and weighing foods, and limiting the total amount of carbohydrate. However, evidence suggests that a different dietary approach may be more effective and easier to follow.

The evidence favoring a new approach came first from comparisons of various populations around the world. People whose diets were based mainly on plant-derived foods—that is, rice, noodles, beans, and vegetables—were less likely to develop diabetes, compared with people whose diets are fattier or centered on meatier dishes. For example, among people following traditional Japanese diets, diabetes was rare. Studies show that when people moved from Japan to the U.S. and adopted a Western diet, they were much more likely to develop diabetes.

These studies suggested that meaty, fatty diets cause the body to be more resistant to insulin’s actions. Clinical research studies have shown that adopting a low-fat, plant-derived diet does indeed improve insulin sensitivity, help with weight loss, and reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.

Part of the value of a low-fat, plant-based diet is that it is very low in saturated fat—that is, the kind of fat that is found especially in meats, dairy products, and tropical oils (coconut, palm, or palm kernel oil). To cut fat effectively, you’ll want to do two things.”

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To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Physicians Committee.

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