Do You Like Vegan And Glutenfree Chocolate Chips?

If you like almond, oat in combination with chocolate, coconut and vanilla, you will definitely love this delicious and glutenfree snack. These chocolate chips can even be added to your cereal or served in combination with ice cream. In any case, they fit perfectly to any dessert and prove to be a culinary delight at any time of the day. Besides, following the recipe makes the preparation very easy so you can enjoy this dessert in no time.

“This. Edible. Cookie Dough = Awesomeness. Please make this cookie dough asap! Oh and try to treat them like a treat and not eat all of it together you know all that sugar high

These soft fudgy bars have blanched almond flour and oat flour, with coconut palm sugar, raw sugar, a lot of vanilla, just 2 Tbsp coconut oil, and loads of mini chocolate chips. Each small bar is a moment of happiness.

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I mean who wants to bake a chocolate chip cookie in Summer right. It was supposed to be summer here. We still are at high 60s, sometimes 70s this week. meh. We picked up the Eat Pastry cookie dough jar during our shopping spree at Vegan Haven store. I tried that cookie dough raw, and it did not work for me. The baked cookies from the dough were really good. So I decided I needed my own edible raw cookie dough. Tada!

You can use this vegan chocolate chip cookie dough anywhere really. Make some cookie dough ice cream. Add a bit to oatmeal, cereal. Make balls, Coat them in chocolate and gift

There is no vegan butter or palm oil in the cookie dough. The mini chocolate chips might have palm oil. Use dark chocolate chunks like these from Theo Chocolate which use cocoa butter to make the cookie dough palm oil free.”

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