The Best About Halloween Is The Pumpkin

Unfortunately, while celebrating Halloween and carving fancy mops and mows into that pumpkin many people seem to forget that it’s vitamin-packed food with awesome health benefits they don’t take fully advantage of. Pumpkins are loaded up with the most nutritional fiber which helps you settle your weight loss issues by controlling your cravings for food as it makes you feel full. Besides, it is rich in vitamin A with its tremendous health impact on your skin, teeth and bones. As it is also rich in amino acid it helps you get control of sleep disorders and bad temper. There are many other health benefits involved. Make sure to take full advantage of them!

“Autumn is here, so it’s time for everyone to start experiencing some seasonal pumpkin health benefits! If you haven’t spotted pumpkin-flavored products popping up in stores all over the place yet, just wait – the onslaught is coming.

If you’re craving the taste of this fall-favorite, skip the pumpkin-flavored coffee creamer. Most of those products are filled with sugar and trans fats (among other questionable ingredients). Instead, reach for the real thing, because real pumpkin tastes good – and is good for you!

Here are 5 pumpkin health benefits.

1. Crunch on Some Fiber

Remember when you were a kid and you’d scoop out the “guts” of a pumpkin, clean off the seeds, and roast them? Pumpkin seeds contain about 1.7 grams of dietary fiber per ounce, while mashed pumpkin contains three grams. Fiber makes you feel fuller for longer, thus suppressing cravings and helping you maintain a healthy weight. Also, mashed pumpkin only contains 50 calories.

2. Good for the Eyes

A cup of cubed pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A – twice the recommended daily intake, as a matter of fact. This vitamin promotes good vision, especially in dim light. Vitamin A has also been shown to slow the decline of retinal function in people with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that can cause blindness. Further, vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and bones.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

People often associate the word “tryptophan” with Thanksgiving turkey, and the way the substance makes you sleepy after the big meal. Pumpkin seeds are rich in this amino acid, which is responsible for helping the body make serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter. Serotonin not only helps you sleep, it also improves your mood.”

To read the rest of the article, check it out on the original source over at Natural Society.

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