100,000 Members Can’t Be Wrong

Exciting news!!! We have exceeded 100,000 members on our FB page this week and this is an excellent reason to celebrate with YOU!

Thank you so much for being part of this community. Your comments, shares and likes have made this community grown so incredibly fast to a 100,000 members community. We have never thought after starting this page in August 2015 that we would have such a tremendous success in only 18 months. We are looking so much forward to always providing you with great value and opportunities.

So, we thought how we could celebrate with you this milestone and that’s what we came up with: Have you ever thought what’s the best way to serve plant-based food, smoothies and ice-cream (just to name a few) to your friends, guests or even customers?
Quite accidentally, we came across a company that had the idea to serve vegan foods in coconut bowls. They became extremely successful because of this awesome idea. This company realized that the burning of coconut shells contributes significantly to CO2 & methane emissions and they decided to do somthing about it.

Honestly, we can’t think of any better way to serve plant-based foods than in coconut bowls. So, we contacted the company and asked if we could get a discount for YOU, the members of this community.

They finally agreed and we decided to CELEBRATE with you that we hit the 100,000 members threshold by offering you this literally custom-made discount code for this community only.

Before you checkout just type in the following
discount code: GOINGVEGAN and you can redeem your 10% discount.

Here is the link to this awesome website: coconutbowls.com!

As you can see by the discount’s name it has been custom-made only for the members of this community.
Make sure to check their awesome products and purchase while the discount is still active. If 100,000 members should decide to take advantage of it, they might reconsider their decision and make them expire sooner than expected ๐Ÿ™‚

You are going to be blown away by the wide variety of serving vegan food with these coconut bowls.

We appreciate you so much and look forward to expanding this community to many more members in 2017.
With love and gratitude,
The Going Vegan Team

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