The Sweetest Temptation Ever – Vegan “Snickers”

Well, this has caught my attention instantly because – despite my fancy imagination – I never thought someone could make this possible. However, I was completely mistaken: Kathy Patalsky made the impossible possible by creating the recipe for a vegan “snickers” which was her favorite candy before she became vegan. Kathy’s awesome recipe proves all the critics of the vegan lifestyle wrong saying that vegans often miss out on a “sweet” life just because they decided to become vegan. 

“I have these adorable candy molds that I bought on Amazon. Perfect for DIY mini candy bars. And my favorite candy in my pre-vegan days … Snickers. So today, a veganize-this recipe! Snickers bars. That gooey inside, combined with crunchy peanuts and a velvety chocolate coating. I was hooked.

On Halloween I would line up all my fun size Snickers, in a tidy row, counting them in glory. When trading sweets with my fellow trick-or-treaters I would value my Snickers as the most coveted treat, right up there with Reeses PB cups. You need to pay me two Twizzlers, a Dots, a Junior Mint, AND Milk Duds to get just one of my caramel and nugget-filled Snickers. And even then, I might not have budged on a deal.

But anyways. I apologize for bringing up Halloween in summertime. I don’t want to be that person. I’m talking to you CVS/Pharmacy with your pumpkin and ‘fall leaves’ goodies just waiting to pounce on us.

Vegan Snickers. So when I realized that I could veganize those same cravable flavors and textures using just four main ingredients, I knew I had to share this recipe with you.”

Going Vegan Health Benefits


Going Vegan Health Benefits

And even if you don’t like straight up candy bars to nibble … yes there are people like this .. just think of all the fun things you can do with these bars:

Chop them up try these fun ideas..

– Add them to some banana ice cream for a healthy-decadent treat, aka a dessert smoothie bowl.
– Use them in place of chocolate chips for some super amazing cookies.
– Fold them into a cashew or tofu cheesecake mixture for some vegan “Snickers” cheesecake insanity. Oh the possibilities…
– Add them to my silky vanilla custard!”

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