How To Explain Why You Are Vegan

How To Explain Why You Are Vegan


  1. Yvonne Furniss Reply

    What a wonderful video!! I wish it didn’t need to be explain but people prefer to bury their heads in the sand! But I’ll never give up or be shame!

  2. Amy Smith Reply

    I watched this last night! I’m not having any trouble explaining; my reasons are clear. What surprises me is people’s responses. Many don’t know of the cruelty of the egg and dairy industries (and neither did I until recently), and many people do seem to believe that animals rested for this purpose are only worth that purpose; like they are not individual living beings in their own right. I watched some footage of cows at a slaughter house. Anyone who saw that would surely go veggie at least. I think that the vegan movement should actually start with a veggie movement. Vegan appears unnecessary and extreme to a meat eater who has not yet decided to go vegan. I feel it is a clearly two stage movement 1) go veggie 2) go vegan. I know that’s what has happened with me and a few other veggies I know who are now transitioning to vegan xx

  3. Sandy Crookes Reply

    Love is the only way.
    I find I’m separating myself more and more to blind beings that just can’t connect the dots.
    I loathe how ppl when ordering coffee for example.. 1 soy and 1 normal milk… arrr no 1 soy 1 dairy .. nothing normal about dairy anything

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