This Food Is Power Fuel For Your Health

Sometimes people seem to wonder about the awesome health condition about other people. This is especially the case if those people are middle-aged or even significantly older people. They wonder how it can be that those people use to brim over with energy and health while other people seem to suffer from several diseases. Of course, there is a reason why some people are much more healthier than others. In fact, it all boils down to the right nutrition. Of course, nobody can eat everything that provides ideal health. However, the strategy those extremely healthy people seem to pursue is to not miss on those food that provide many health benefits at the same time. In my opinion, there are only few foods that match these criteria. One of them is without the shadow of a doubt: garlic. If you haven’t taken advantage of this food that is virtually a “health-promoting bomb”, you need to change your eating habits very quickly. Read on to learn more about this food that nobody can afford to miss out on!

Garlic is one of the most popular additions used in cuisine all throughout the world. It’s easily recognized by its powerful aroma and sharp flavor.

What’s not always recognized about garlic is the wide array of health benefits that you can experience if you consume it on a regular basis. Because of it’s growing popularity there are a now a number of garlic supplements on the market today.

Garlic is powerful stuff, so it’s important not to eat too much of it, but including some in your meals can be immensely beneficial for your health.

Today we’re going to tell you a bit about the health benefits of garlic. After the list, we’ll give you some history about the food and give you some useful information so you can maximize the health benefits that you receive!

1. Fights Heart Disease

One of the most well-known benefits of garlic is its ability to help fight heart disease. Heart disease, which is presently thenumber one cause of death in the States, can be combated by including a bit of garlic in your diet.

Garlic has been shown to help fight all sorts of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It’s been known to help fight symptoms of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and diabetes. It can also help to manage blood pressure levels.

A review of many studies done on garlic revealed that it seems to be a consistent cardioprotective agent. This has been proven for both humans and animals.

One of the most impressive things that garlic can do that you won’t see many other heart-healthy foods doing is removing plaque that’s built up in your arteries. One study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, revealed this.

The study was done in 2016 and evaluated 55 patients who were between the ages of 40 and 75. All of these patients had been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, but those who used an extract of aged garlic reported lower levels of plaquethroughout the duration of the test.

2. Helps Fight Cancer

Garlic has been known to help fight cancer, and it’s not in the usual way that fruits and vegetables help to prevent it by providing antioxidants. While garlic does contain antioxidants, it also contains a number of bioactive sulfuric compounds.

These sulfur compounds are linked to having a positive influence on the different stages of cancer development. They can also impact and improve the function of biological processes that help to prevent the emergence of cancer.

The National Cancer Institute actually decreed that areas that have a higher amount of garlic consumption among the population had statistically lower rates of cancer.  They said that garlic can help to prevent cancer-causing compounds from forming and improve DNA repair.

Garlic has even been shown to induce apoptosis, a term that’s used to describe the death of a cancerous cell. By killing cancerous cells you also kill their ability to reproduce. This Is instrumental in helping to prevent the development of tumors.

Another study, which was done in France, evaluated 345 patients who suffered from breast cancer. The study revealed that women who ate more garlic and onions (another food that contains a lot of sulfur compounds) would experience fewer symptoms of cancer and slower tumor growth.

3. Manages Blood Pressure

People who have chronic high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, may experience some benefit from using garlic. One study was done to prove the effects that garlic can have on blood pressure.

The study evaluated people who were prescribed blood pressure managing medications but still had trouble regulating their blood pressure. Those who took garlic experienced a significant improvement to their blood pressure levels.

The study described these patients as having “uncontrollable” blood pressure. Those who used capsules of aged garlic extract for several months experienced a significant decrease in their blood pressure levels.

4. Helps Fight Colds

Move over vitamin C! Garlic has been shown to be extremely effective at fighting colds, more so than the popular vitamin C. In fact, some studies have suggested that vitamin C doesn’t actually have any acute cold-fighting abilities. This isn’t so with garlic!

This is partially because garlic works as a powerful antimicrobial agent. It can help to fight off common bacteria as well as exotic ones. One of the most well-studied applications of garlic antimicrobial ability is fighting the common cold.

One study evaluated people who were using garlic supplements compared to a control group. The study took place over 12 weeks during the months that people are most likely to develop colds, between November and February.

Those who used garlic showed a significantly decreased chance of catching a cold. Those who did catch a cold recovered a lot faster than those who didn’t take garlic. The placebo group had a higher chance of catching a cold and many caught colds more than once during the period.

Allicin, the main active compound found in garlic, is thought to be responsible for these protective effects. This nutrient contributes to garlic’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, as well as its ability to fight fungal infections.

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