In January 2017 This City Opens The World’s First 100% Vegan Chicken Shop

Well, after reading the headline of this article you might think this is an oxymoron: How in the world can a chicken be vegan-friendly? Isn’t it the opposite? Of course, eating chicken is not vegan-friendly at all. However, this company crafted something called “seitan” that is considered a meat subsitute which is made from wheat gluten. In fact, this company is not quite new as you use to find it in vegan food markets every once in a while. However, this is going to change in January 2017 as it opens a standalone chicken shop and thus probably becomes the world’s first 100% vegan chicken shop in the world!

In January 2017, London will finally be getting its first all vegan fried chicken shop, serving up all kinds of delightful fried chicken in sandwiches, tubs, and chopped into mac ‘n’ cheese.

Now, if you’re a serious vegan, you’ll have noticed that chicken isn’t exactly vegan-friendly.

You know, because it’s a bird.

So how on earth can a vegan fried chicken joint exist?

Let us explain. Temple of Seitan is an all-vegan brand that serves seitan (a meat substitute made from wheat gluten), fried and coated in crispy goodness.

At the moment they mostly pop up at vegan food markets and other events, but in January they’ll be opening a proper standalone chicken shop in Hackney.

That’s right. London is getting its very own all-vegan fried chicken shop. What an absolutely magical time to be alive.

After teasing the news on Instagram, Temple of Seitan confirmed to Fat Gay Vegan: ‘In January 2017, we’ll be opening London’s (and maybe the world’s!) 1st 100% vegan chicken shop.

‘We’re looking forward to providing a vegan alternative for Londoners craving a bit of takeaway.’

We’re so excited, we plan to spend the rest of the afternoon scrolling through their Instagram and lusting over seitan in all forms.



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