The Rise Of Veganism In The Promised Land Seems Unstoppable

Did you know that Israel is the country with the highest number of vegans per capita in the world? And the number is rising yearly. After becoming more sensitive to veganism people start to convert their entire restaurant in order to become vegan-friendly by offering completely meatless and dairy-free dishes. For instance, that’s exactly what Nana Shrier did. The popularity of veganism has risen to such a degree that even the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) started to offer vegan-friendly ration packs, non-leather boots and wool-less berets. Read on to learn how this country seems to favor veganism more than any country in the world.

“On a typical evening at Nanuchka, a popular Georgian restaurant in the middle of Israel’s bustling Tel Aviv, music fills the air and alcohol flows freely.

Until a few years ago, Nanuchka was just a conventional Georgian pub serving traditional food like khachapuri, a cheesy bread, and khinkali, a meat-stuffed dumpling.

But then Nana Shrier, the flamboyant owner of the venue, where the walls are adorned with erotic art, became a strict vegan – in what is said to be the most vegan country in the world per capita.

She decided to convert her entire restaurant to a meatless and dairy-free establishment despite being advised against it by friends and business colleagues.

Israelis are flocking to it – and business is more successful than ever.

going vegan health benefits

For vegans, everything derived from animals is off-limits. Similar to – but stricter than – vegetarians, vegans do not eat eggs and cheese, or drink milk, and in some cases even avoid honey. Leather, wool and silk are also avoided.

Sitting at Nanuchka, eating a meal of vegan tsatsivi (where cauliflower is substituted for chicken), Nana says that consuming animals is both inhumane and unhealthy.

“I don’t like it,” she explains, scrunching her nose in disgust. “I feel the body of the animals in the steak, I feel the animal in the fillet, and the blood. I don’t like it so much.”

going vegan health benefits

Nana argues there is another benefit to veganism as well.

She says that sometimes, after eating a large steak, or a cheeseburger, for example, people can feel tired and lethargic.

“When you eat vegan food, you have a lot of energy to do very good and nice things,” she says with a coy smile.

When asked if she is implying that vegans have a better sex life than their meat-eating counterparts, she laughs heartily and says, “of course!”

Vegan soldiers

Veganism has become so prominent in Israel that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has started catering to followers in its ranks by offering vegan-friendly ration packs, non-leather boots and wool-less berets.

From an army base in southern Israel, Cpl Daniella Yoeli says the food is not exactly worth writing home about but she is happy to have the option of eating couscous and lentils over schnitzel and schwarma.

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  1. Amanda Demirovic Reply

    Have any women experienced a loss of their period when just becoming vegan? I’ve been vegan for a month and it’s late (not pregnant) please help!

    • Diana Skakavac Reply

      Hey! This can happen for a few reasons. 1) You are not eating enough calories. Make sure to eat until you are satisfied. The vegan diet is not just the Standard American Diet minus the animal products – that is way too little food! Carb up with rice, potatoes, beans, lentils, legumes, grains, fruits and veggies! 2) Your body is used to the extra hormones from an animal product diet from the meat dairy and eggs and is adjusting.

      That Vegan Couple addresses periods a bit in this video, check it out:

  2. Jessica Blodgett Reply

    I did though when I trained for a marathon about 9 years ago and was running 10 hours a week and calories I took in were minimal. I was vegetarian then so no meat but plenty of dairy and eggs in my diet just less than 1700 calories a day.

  3. Kerry Thomas Reply

    Israel also has the highest number of broken UN conventions. Round of applause tho because they are vegan so everything else is irrelevant.

  4. Ellie Pich Reply

    I lost mine for a while it takes a while for your body to get used to it, however it also means your body can’t afford to waste energy on periods/ having a baby …. So make sure you’re eating plenty !!!! If it doesn’t come back in the next few months I would consider seeing a doctor

  5. Amanda Demirovic Reply

    Ellie Pich thank you so much you’ve put my mind at ease. I eat plenty and am not looking to have a baby. I just like having a regular period. Thank you again

  6. Elyse Coughy Reply

    My periods actually became more regular, and shorter. Every 30 days, and it lasts 3 days.
    Before it was inconsistent

  7. Keith Becca Robertson Reply

    Mine actually came back and became more regular… Then shortly after I got pregnant and my chances of pregnancy were supposed to be very low… Lol thanks to a plant based diet I’ve been blessed with my rainbow baby! (11weeks to go)

  8. Amber Notaro Reply

    It depends on if you lost a lot of weight it started a new work out routine. I didn’t loose mine going vegan but I did loose it for a few months when started working out.

  9. Roxana Guerra Reply

    If you are eating balanced you shouldn’t lose period. If you only eating salads and still exercising…you may lose your period due to fast weight loss. Im not on a diet so I ate plenty of other things (veg) but I know there’s folks that are raw vegan and that provides low calories .

  10. Darryl Hulett Reply

    Not exactly a choice considering where they live. Like saying the Sudanese live on 85% less food as us. They don’t choose to….their forced to

  11. Janet Thew Reply

    How lovely that they’re sporting vegan boots as they murder Palestinian children. So progressive. If only they saw human beings as worthy of compassion.

  12. Tomasina Doran Reply

    Healthy people can miss a period or be late occasionally. I went through 10 years of fertility treatment and learned a lot 🙂 if it’s starts to be a regular thing or doesn’t come next month, its time to see a doctor.

  13. Anndi Ann Hahn Reply

    I think the non vegans make up for it with their over consumption of meat. They have one of the highest animal products consumption rates.

  14. Kerry Thomas Reply

    Maybe you should redirect your efforts towards somthing other than propoganda. Israel have broken over 70 UN conventions, used banned weapons, bombed designated UN safe zones full of sleeping wonen and children, partake in the illegal trafficking of human organs often against the “donars” will simply for the crime of being Palestinian. They are terrorists.

  15. Amber Gilewski Reply

    This is complete humanewashing of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. Embarrassing when vegans, of all people, don’t get it.

    This is exactly why we created Vegans Against the Occupation. Wake up to intersectionality! Palestinians don’t care if your boots are vegan if they’re crushing their necks!

  16. Christina Karen Reply

    Kerry, you are so mistaken. What about Pakistan e.g.? Women have very little chance of a good education and are even allowed to be beaten as the latest news showed. In Israel, womens rights are something so natural as breathing. Interesting that the accusation of breaking UN human rights comes from a country like Saudi Arabia where gays are being hanged and women are not allowed to drive. In Israel, more women fly planes than women drive in SA and the Jerusalem Gay Pride Day is one of the biggest in the world! And those are facts, not just a propaganda by the BDS.

  17. Marianne Louise Reply

    What is happening to Palestinians in Israel cannot be justified with – oh but they like gay people and women so effective genocide is okay. It’s not.

  18. Liv Chevs Reply

    When I went vegan I didn’t get my period for 10 weeks but eventually it came around and I get it regularly now (every 4-5weeks)

  19. Liv Chevs Reply

    Why is the UN picking on Israel and not Syria, Iran, Iraq and other countries who are much bigger in their human rights crimes?

  20. Kerry Thomas Reply

    What about Israels use of banned chemical weapons, or their fondness for using Palestinian ‘donars’ for the black market organ trade, or their bombing of a designated UN ‘safe zone’ full of sleeping and terrified women and children? Or IDF illegally detaining Palestininan kids without adults or legal representation and torturing them? The list is endless. Israel is an aparteid state, anyone in denial of this is either brainwashed by pro Israelli propoganda or very stupid. And that is why I dont give a$#%&!@*if they are a country full of vegans.

  21. Kerry Thomas Reply

    The question you should ask is why is the west so enamoured with Israhell that we ignore their blatant human rights abuses.

  22. Stephanie Newman Reply

    Don’t be so fucking shamefully ignorant!!!
    I have many, many Israeli friends who are against the occupation & are active in protesting against it.

  23. Stephanie Newman Reply

    Don’t be so fucking shamefully ignorant!!!
    I have many, many Israeli friends who are against the occupation & are active in protesting against it.

  24. Stephanie Newman Reply

    Don’t be so fucking shamefully ignorant!!!
    I have many, many Israeli friends who are against the occupation & are active in protesting against it.

  25. Stephanie Newman Reply

    Don’t be so fucking shamefully ignorant!!!
    I have many, many Israeli friends who are against the occupation & are active in protesting against it.

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Probably many can empathise after having the same done to themselves or family as what is done to non-human animals. Good on them.

  27. Anonymous Reply

    You are getting angry at every Isreali? Not every person should be held responsible for the government’s actions. Not every Palestinian is peaceful either.

  28. Kerry Thomas Reply

    Where have I blamed every Israeli? I am refering to the crimes committed by Israel as an aparteid state. Its like the whole argument of ‘oh, you criticised Israel, you are an anti-semite.’ Um, no, anti semitism and anti zionism don’t correlate.

  29. Chrissy McCauley Reply

    Gary Yourofsky mentioned in an interview he did in Israel that he believes it is because they understand persecution so well from their past and can relate.

  30. Bindu Kundany Reply

    Just wanted to clarify if wool is vegan or not? If wool is not taken from sheep it will not be be able to walk around with the weight of the wool and can die of starvation.. .. So is it bad to take away wool?

  31. Paris Brown Reply

    Just because you believe the particular sheep you take wool from are happy does not speak for how the millions of others are treated.
    Wool isn’t vegan

  32. Bindu Kundany Reply

    My question is wouldnt it be cruel not to shear as the sheep can suffer because of the weight of the wool.. I have seen an animal rescue show where a sheep that got lost for a few months was in a terrible state because the wool was weighing it down literally.. and could not even walk ..

  33. Risa Reiki-Singer Reply

    God forbid Trump makes it in the White House, come next January, you’ll understand how erroneous it is to mistake governmental policy for the will of the people in the country. The girl in the picture might very well oppose Israel’s actions and yet be powerless to stop it. All Israelis are not evil, obviously.

  34. Sima Sultan Reply

    Not good to generalize. I’m against the occupation, but remember conscription is law over there. Whatever your policies are, you gotta contribute.

  35. Maria French Reply

    Ugh. Please stop spreading this vegan washing propaganda meant to distract from the genocide and crimes against humanity being committed against Palestinians.

  36. Bindu Kundany Reply

    Deanna Lindsay Campbell ..thank you so much .. .. I don’t wear wool any way .. My concern was about not shearing but this article clarifies it ..

  37. Taurian Deveaux Reply

    The fact the Isrealnis the country with the most vegans is further proof that much of the Vegan movement has absolutely nothing to do with compassion. I don’t even understand why you would promote this as a point with the horrid things that the Israeli public supports with full knowledge that they are largely the agressors. Don’t forget Hilter was a vegetarian as well. So full of crap you people are.

  38. Joy Wasenko Reply

    Stacie Leppky, fighting for basic rights against an oppressive, homicidal right-wing regime is not terrorism.

  39. Cynthia Evans Reply

    h****r was not a vegetarian. He ate meat. They spread lies that he was vegetarian to make him seem more compassionate.

  40. Lisa Veneri Stewart Reply

    If everyone treated their sheep as you did Emily Rose Davis it wouldnt be bad but the majority of sheep are treated horribly and abused and shaved for their wool hence the reason vegans choose not to buy wool.

  41. Cathy Appenzeller McGough Reply

    The fact we talk about being vegan with non vegan’s is proof of our compassion for our fellow man. Eating animal’s is against their will. Raising them as food is harming our environment. Digesting animal products is harmful to the human body. Please stop hating on the messengers, we care about you the planet and the animals. All of us can thrive together when humans eat plant based nutrition only. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

  42. Sandy Wilson Reply

    I think it makes total sense that Israel would have a lot of vegans. A vegan diet is kosher by default.
    I’m not sure what you have against vegans and Israelis.

  43. Bindu Kundany Reply

    Sandy Wilson thanks .. I am a vegan .. But I don’t judge as I feel every decision comes from heart .. I gave up eating meat fish egg etc when I was two family continues to eat..

  44. Skyylia Hull Reply

    This page is “going vegan”. Meant to discuss vegan happenings, not politics or any other problems with the country.

  45. Maria French Reply

    Ok. Then lets talk about “vegan happenings”. Let’s talk about how the Israeli government using veganism to excuse genocide.

    • gal Reply

      if you will come and visit Israel you will stop thinking that the Israeli government is committing genocide.

      Or you can keep getting your “facts” from the media and keep believing these lies…

  46. Cheryll Perry Navestad Reply

    I heard they punch sheep, repeatedly in the face and neck to subdue them, all while sharpening thr razors in front of them and taunting the sheep by saying things like, you’re fat and ugly or I am better than you because I walk on two legs…..terrible..just terrible.

  47. Bindu Kundany Reply

    I fail to comprehend how humans can stoop down to this level ..yet claim that we are superior to animals… Perhaos religion has a role in developing this superiority complex and the belief that everything exist for the man to consume .. l

  48. Anna Buraya Reply

    Come one guys people of Israel have nothing to do with a government do you really think they wanna be at constant war ? So your comments regarding that are completely irrelevant. I’ve been to Israel myself and can say that I was really amazed how friendly people are out there and how most places are dog friendly and the variety of veggie options in most restaurants/cafes

  49. Adira Dawn Riben-Jenner Reply

    I’m vegetarian and Jewish, incedently. Iunderstand completely. But please don’t judge an entire group by bad examples even if they are the most vocal. its not unheard of for the most pious in any group to be hypocrites.

  50. Cherilyn Herbert Reply

    Uhm. Sweet heart I think you need to learn to use Facebook. You are on a VEGAN Facebook page. There is literally no need for you to view it?

    It’s like walking into the home of a christian and shouting IM AN ATHIEST STOP OPPRESSING ME

  51. Taurian Deveaux Reply

    PLEASE people of Israel, turn away from ungodliness. Your behavior is heaping shame upon your brothers and sisters. There are so many Jewish people around the world that want nothing to do with this and they are suffering for the sin of Israel. Who has the power to stop this? Who more than the Israeli public?

  52. Dasha Em Reply

    The problem is it’s not about you…it’s about them. Animals don’t sacrifice themselves for you, you take what’s not yours and call it making choices for yourself but it’s not yours. Vegans are just fighting for those who can’t stick up for themselves. I don’t give a sh** about you and your beliefs and desires…I care about my animals. End of story.

  53. Erica Doll Reply

    Yeah like when people told me to give up my African slaves I told them to stop oppressing me! Fucking loser.

  54. Aliza Rhodes Reply

    Okay, look at the numbers. The Palestinian population has increased massively in recent years. If Israel was trying to commit genocide I imagine they’d be more successful than that. Don’t throw around words like genocide when you are not informed about an issue.

  55. Aliza Rhodes Reply

    “Humanewashing”? What the hell? They are a country, they are human beings and they are increasingly vegan. Israelis ARE humans too, contrary to what you seem to think.

  56. Aliza Rhodes Reply

    If the Israeli govt was committing genocide, the Palestinian population would probably have shrunk in recent years, no? Even a little? No….it’s been increasing like crazy. Lol, if it’s a genocide, it’s not a very successful one.

  57. Michelle Fowlkes Reply

    Yay!!! Each day someone is making the choice of being a vegan!!!! I’m so happy!!! It doesn’t matter who you are, just make the switch! You’ll sace animals, yourself, and the world!

  58. Jan Alexander Reply

    Everyday more and more people are making the switch to vegan and vegetarian… So excited for all of them… Best choice I have ever made… Feel fantastic and cannot remember the last time I was sick..,

  59. Jennifer Gardner Reply

    “The popularity of veganism has risen to such a degree that even the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) started to offer vegan-friendly ration packs, non-leather boots and wool-less berets.”
    Crystal Janes

  60. Laura Schleifer Reply

    Bully for you that you can just pick up and move there, when a Palestinian who was born there can’t even get into their own country.

  61. Laura Schleifer Reply

    The people of Israel have everything to do with government. It’s a democracy, is it not? That means that Jewish Israelis have influence over their government’s policies. Not to mention, every single one of them, both male and female, is required to serve in the occupying Israeli military that illegally occupies the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza. If they oppose this policy, why don’t they refuse to serve en masse. Why don’t they protest. Why don’t they forge non-governmental alliances with the Palestinians to make it one democratic state for all?

    Gimme a break.

  62. Laura Schleifer Reply

    Bully for you that you can move there whenever you want, while a Palestinian that was born there can’t even enter their own country.

  63. Laura Schleifer Reply

    It’s negative to tell the truth? Isn’t that what animal eaters say about vegans who are ‘negative’ about them eating the remains of tortured animals?

  64. Laura Schleifer Reply

    Lucky for you that you can go there whenever you want, when a Palestinian who was born there can’t even enter their own country.

  65. Laura Schleifer Reply

    Hi, all. I’m a Jewish-American vegan who spent a month in the Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank, and saw for myself what’s really going on there. I recently did an interview on ‘A Privileged Vegan’ about my experiences there, and about the role of ‘veganwashing’ propaganda in the Israeli vegan movement. I really hope you will check this out and learn the truth about what’s really going on there. Please give this a watch…we made this video specifically for the vegan community to learn the truth about this issue:

  66. Laura Schleifer Reply

    Also, for anyone who is interested to know more, please check out my Facebook group, Disrupt Zionism. It’s a group I created specifically for vegans to learn the truth about what Israel is doing to Palestine, in response to all of this ‘veganwashing’ propaganda about Israel that the vegan movement is being flooded by.

  67. Stacie Leppky Reply

    I love the $#%&!@*was a vegetarian” argument. What does that even mean? All people who are veg are nazis? I don’t get that at all. Use some real logic people!
    Also, Israelis love life, the Palestinians love death.

  68. Maria French Reply

    Stacie, of you actually cared you wouldn’t need me to explain it to you. It’s not hard to simply Google “Israeli government” and “vegan washing”.

    If you do, here’s the first result that will turn up.

    I’m not looking to spend time & energy arguing with people that aren’t open to actually learning about what’s going on in the world. The information is out there. I invite you to take a look.

  69. Lotte Laing Reply

    Wow what good people so concerned about the welfare of animals, never mind that they’re killing hundreds of Palestinians at the same time but hey who cares they’re Muslim and all Muslims are bad anyway right not like cows and chickens

  70. Yuli Goldberg Reply

    All the “good” ppl that believe to the BS that the TV sells you please read more because if you wasn’t there you don’t know what’s happens there
    So please

  71. Marissa Perez Reply

    Probably also the vegan winner of the Big Brother show. There was a poll after saying a good amount of viewers saw animals differently and became veg.

  72. Mia Satya Reply

    Yayyyyy! Now IDF can have vegan boots to wear while they kill Palestinian kids.
    You can’t veganize an army!!

  73. Rose Malisch Reply

    That wouldn’t be veganism though since human meat is still meat you know. Not nice. I’m not Israeli, nor have I been to Israel but it’s unfair to make such a statement. Peace.

  74. Rose Malisch Reply

    That is extremely narrow minded from you to say. How many Israelis do you know? What do you know about their stance on war and military and Islam? Just because their military does many wrong things doesn’t mean that they are for that and supportive of cruelty towards people of Muslim faith. I’m American but I wouldn’t want anybody to think that the US military represents my wants.

  75. Rose Malisch Reply

    Yes because the Israeli military is the only one in the world right? I can tell you have a fair view of how people treat each other. Why don’t you ask soldiers from other nations about how much blood is on their hands. I understand what their army does is wrong…it’s not more wrong though for Israelis to kill Palestinians than for anyone else committing murder.

  76. Lotte Laing Reply

    Rose Malisch sorry but I think the fact they’re killing children daily deserves more attention than the fact they’re not eating meat or dairy.

  77. Bornita Quader Reply

    Unfair? Read up about Israel ‘s treatment of Palestinian children and you will find a new dimension of unfair. It should also be obvious to you that I made that comment as a joke that comments on how they treat Palestinians.

  78. Maya Llamazares Reply

    Hmmm to be vegan and not support the slaughter of animals but support the slaughter of children and innocent people or to not be vegan and support the slaughter of animals, but not support the slaughter of human beings…. I think I go with the latter one.

  79. Maya Llamazares Reply

    Agree with you Mia. These people have no morals what so ever even if they are vegans. I still see them as monsters and quite frankly, I would rather be friends with someone that works in a slaughter house, instead of being friends with a vegan Israeli soldier.

  80. Maya Llamazares Reply

    Yeah Rose, I mean I’m not from$#%&!@*Germany and I never met$#%&!@* but I think is unfair to hate on him when he was a vegetarian and it is known that he loved animals so much.

  81. Bornita Quader Reply

    Ridiculous, Atalia. What makes you think most Palestinians don’t take care of their children to the nest of their ability? You have the same kind of prejudice that most of the Germans had about the Jews in the 40’s. Disgraceful that you don’t see that. Palestinians aren’t even allowed to import most spices. Their water gets cut off during Ramadan month so they have water scarcity when breaking fast. Palenstinian children are taken to jail and kept there without trial. These are just some of the problems that I know about.

  82. Yael Hamrani Reply

    Oh Lotte how it must be so easy for you to sit where you are and judge , only by what you see and hear in your one sided media. Why won’t you come and spend one day in Sderot or any of the villages near by and how you can run to the nearest bomb shelter in less then a minute because of Hamas missiles . Why won’t you visit the family of that 4 year old who didn’t make it. Have you heard about that beautiful 13 year old Hillel who was sleeping in her own bed and a 17 year old palastinian terrorist stab her to death ( that happened only 2 days ago)… And the worst part the mother of that boy is glad yes she is happy that her sun died shahid…. This is that crazy world we live in , so unless you plan to walk a mile in our shoes don’t judge. P.S unless it wasn’t clear I’m against any innocent PPl being killed that includes palastinian, but sometimes in war there are casualties that’s life.

  83. Cindy Reply

    If only the rest of the Middle East would embrace and adopt the free thinking and compassionate culture of Israel, the world would be a better, more peaceful place. Spread the love for all living creatures.

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