Should Veganism Be Considered A Human Right?

Very interestingly, governments use to pass all kinds of bills in order to protect people from discrimination. Those bills are supposed to protect them from being socially isolated, mocked or even attacked because of their religious beliefs, sexual orientation or color skin just to name a few “creeds”. Everybody knows that these laws cannot guarantee that these things happen but people at least are being held responsible when they break the law. However, should people also be protected from discrimination because of their diet habits? Or to be more exact: Should veganism be considered a human right so vegans have also to be protected from discrimination because of their lifestyle and even being offered vegan meals for instance at schools and hospitals upon request? The great news is that Ontario, Canada, has made a huge step towards this issue with many other cities to follow within Canada. It’s a wonderful example for other countries to follow and hopefully they will step into Canada’s footprint.

“In a huge victory for the rights of those following a plant-based diet, the Human Rights Commission of Ontario has ruled that veganism is a human right that should be legally protected from discrimination under law similar to how religious beliefs are protected.

The definition of “creed” in Ontario’s Human Rights Code has been modified to include ethical veganism. This victory is due to the animal rights organization Animal Justice lobbying officials to legally protect those who are vegan from discrimination.

Under the new law, service providers such as schools, hospitals and employers may not discriminate against an individual or their requests for being vegan. This means that hospitals must now provide vegan meals upon request, and students cannot be forced to dissect animals

“[R]ecognizing veganism as a form of creed is an important precedent and a clear statement that vegans and their beliefs deserve respect”, says Animal Justice Executive Director Camille Labchuk.

Labchuk says he now plans to work at changing the law in other areas of Canada.”



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