Ingredients They Use To Hide From You

There are usually hidden ingredients in foods that are animal results. A real vegan will take the additional step required to investigate exactly what these components are and avoid them.

If it is a packaged meal and it is listed as being vegan-friendly, you can be fairly positive that the meal does not have these components in it. However, do not let this marking prevent you from checking though.

Here is a checklist of the ingredients to look out for. There are two types of components – those that are obviously from animal products, and those that could be from animal products.

If you have any doubts, the only way to check is by contacting the supplier of the food product. And if they do not know, you should consider not buying their products as they might not be risk-free.

Ingredients From Animals

These ingredients are rather common in products. So, if a product is not classified as vegan, you ought to examine the ingredients list to make sure they are not included.

Albumin – comes from egg whites

Milk Products includes whey protein powder, lactase, lactose, and things like milk and dried milk

Calcium Caseinate – a fairly common additive

Calcium Stearate – also another additive

Suet – a type of animal fat

Tallow – animal fat product is made from suet

Bee products – this includes royal jelly, propolis, honey, and bee pollen

Carmine – a food additive that comes from insects

Lard – a type of animal fat

Casein – this is the protein that is in cheese

Gelatin – from animals, a popular product found especially in jellies and desserts

Other common hidden ingredients from animals include:



Muristic acid

Oleic acid

Palmitic acid



Most of these ingredients listed above are typically blended as additives in food. They have totally different purposes depending on the food that they are added to.

Ingredients That May Be From Animals

The following ingredients serve different functions in the meals that they are in. Some are classified as additives. Others emulsify foods and provide additional fats. However, please note that some products sound like an animal component, but this does not necessarily mean these components are animal products. They could be artificially manufactured or come from plants. You will need to check it out.

These ingredients include:

Emulsifying agents

Fatty acid

Adipic acid



Capric acid

Lactic acid

Magnesium stearate


Anything listed as “natural flavouring”

Clarifying agents

Disodium inosinate



Stearic acid



Sodium stearoyl lactylate

Indeed, a few of those ingredients are hard to pronounce – several of them do not even seem to be food! They all have various purposes in the foods that we consume on a daily basis. We just do not think about these individual purposes they have. The point is that if you wish to enjoy an absolutely vegan way of living, you will need to go the extra mile and check if your favoured meals might contain the animal variations of these ingredients.

Moreover, it is essential to understand that the components pointed out in this section can be found in almost everything. If you try to concentrate too much on it, it may get very frustrating. It is very important to live a balanced life, meaning that the vegan lifestyle must not make you think that you are missing out on a fulfilling life. You will have to find your individual spot between living as a vegan and a totally vegan-free lifestyle. Only if you have found this spot and feel comfortable with where you are, you will have a very good chance to continue your vegan trip.

Being a vegan is definitely a dedication to a totally different lifestyle. Finding out about the meals you should consume as a vegan, how you can make vegan-friendly substitutions with baking and cooking, and all about the hidden components you need to abstain from are all crucial steps towards living the vegan life successfully.

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