Soon The “Vegan” States Of America – The Land Of The Vegan?

Fortunately, the number of “vegan-friendly” cities in the United States is rising rapidly. This is very good news since finding vegan restaurants and groceries can be quite a struggle when you move to a new city. However, the top 10 “vegan-friendly” cities in the United States mentioned below prove this struggle could very soon come to an end. Given these ten “vegan-friendly” cities obviously signals that there is a radical shift taking place in the minds of people towards the awareness of the hazardous impact of a “meat-friendly” society. People use to go vegan for a variety of reasons: Some do it for the beneficial health impact, some do it because they want to unburden the environment and others might do it because their conscience strikes alarm if they watch how factory farms treat animals with unprecedented cruelty. So, these top ten “vegan friendly” cities can very well be interpreted as a response and a wake-up call for all those who are still unaware how their current life style is going to wreak havoc on the future of coming generations.

“Our healthy and environment friendly lifestyle doesn’t always allow the simplest travel. When it comes to finding restaurants or grocery stores that cater to your needs, you may have to reach out to friendly referrals from outside sources. That being said, there is absolutely no reason to hold yourself back from traveling successfully on a vegan diet. Many great cities in our country cater to vegan lifestyles with great food and retail options!

Here is a list of just 10 of the many United States cities that are “vegan-friendly”:

#10 Top Vegan City: Chicago, Illinois

Rounding off our list of vegan friendly cities is Chicago, which has more to offer than its beautiful skyscrapers and magnificent mile.  There are many vegan landmarks such as Soul Vegan which is Chicago’s leader in sustainable soul food.  Other notable restaurants are Karyn’s Cooked, Ground Control, Quesadilla Mexican Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine, Thanks Jordan Foundation’s Vegan Café, Borrowed Earth Café, and both locations of The Chicago Diner.

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#9 Top Vegan City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You may travel to Philadelphia for the many attractions such as an Eagles football game or the Penn Relays, one of the biggest multinational sporting events in the U.S.  And if you are indeed a sports fan you should know that Philly has made it onto PETA’s top vegetarian ballpark list which is why Philadelphia has made it to number 9 on our list.

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#8 Top Vegan City: Austin, Texas

Every thing’s bigger in Texas they say, and their vegan selection does not disappoint.  There are many restaurants and bakeries to choose from like the Beets Café with their delicious vegan smoothies and “mock tuna” Nori Rolls. Or you can head on over to the Bouldin Creek Coffee House and Café to grab a bite of their Veggie Royale Sandwich or a Tofu Taco!

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#7 Top Vegan City: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota, the twin cities has landed in our number 7 spot with over 200 veg-friendly restaurants.  Some known jewels are Heartland, where their menu changes daily in order to give everyone something new no matter when you come by! Not into fine dining? Check out Jasmine Deli for a Vietnamese twist on vegan dining.  What’s great about Evergreen Chinese Restaurant is the entire Vegetarian and Tofu menu available at all times!

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#6 Top Vegan City: Washington, DC

The White House, the Smithsonian Museum, the Lincoln Memorial…these attractions make it hard for others to stand out a little, if at all.  But it is also home of first American group celebrating veggies; the Vegetarian Society of DC, which was founded in 1927! There are also many raw juice bars like Khepra Raw Food Juice Bar to choose from while you’re busy sightseeing! 

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#5 Top Vegan City: Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia, the peach state seems to be a fitting name for our number 5 spot on our list of vegan friendly cities.  It features many famous vegan restaurants and shops; one of the most famous of them is vegan-friendly Café Sunflower. You can stop by and grab a bite of their delicious Vegan Artichoke & Spinach Dip or share a plate of Fried Green Tomatoes. Hey and why not treat yourself to an eentree of Grilled Coconut Polenta Napoleon! YUM!”

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