Should You Tell People You Are Vegan?

Very interestingly, quite a lot of people keep their vegan lifestyle somehow a secret. It seems that they want to avoid any discussion to justify their decision why they use to live as vegans. Although they are, in fact, the ones who endeavor honestly to live a life that respects and cherishes animals by choosing a vegan diet they somehow feel to be rather the victim than the victor because of peer pressure. They know that there are still too many people who aren’t willing to accept or even tolerate their way of living. Should this be a reason not to tell other people about veganism? Should they keep it secret? The following article discusses this issue.

“Vegans around the world have confirmed that sticking to a strict vegan diet involves as a core component, never shutting up about the fact you are a vegan.

“Obviously, a big part of it is the food, but just as cleansing, edifying and nutritious is being able to talk to as many people as possible about how I’m a vegan,” explained Dublin-based vegan, Orla Foley.

Not consuming meats products and eggs is central to Veganism, alongside other less well known aspects such as sending terminally ill animals to Disneyland for one last chance at experiencing joy, however increasingly the pronouncements of one’s Veganism takes centre stage.

“Yeah, when I started up this vegan stuff, I found myself quite blocked up, ya know, but then I was told I shouldn’t refrain from telling people about my vegan diet,” explained another vegan Martin Prendeville, “and once I cornered 10, 15 people in work and started lecturing them about Veganism, Jesus, my constipation just disappeared. I’ve kept up that part ever since”.

Some people new to the vegan way of life focus too much on telling people in exhaustive nauseating detail about how they’re basically saving the human race, but fall down on the vegan part of the diet as they much down on endless burgers after a night out.

Getting the food/talking about being vegan balance has proven to be incredibly important, as evidenced by a recent incident in a Cork office.

Sandra Healy, who had been a vegan for 3 days, but had neglected to tell anyone before spontaneously combusting in front of coworkers.

“She turned really red and started shaking, she obviously wanted to say something and then bang, she burst into flames,” Healy’s coworker Eoin Gowan explained to WWN. “Ironically, she  smelled like bacon.”



  1. Charles Van Horn Reply

    there is zero need to tell anyone, anything! What other people think about you is none of YOUR business!!! All YOU can control is what YOU do! End of story! Do you, BE YOU…LOVE YOU!

  2. Cheryl L. Beck Reply

    I don’t unless the need or subject comes up. But I can’t believe how they forget or refer to it as a food allergy I have because they don’t want to look at their actions.

  3. Loretta Shover Reply

    I don’t tell people until they ask about my food when they see me eat. One guy at my old job always offered me food and one day I finally told him I’m vegan. He said, “oooooooh….that makes sense….I thought you were just poor.” Lmaooo

  4. Ni Ke Reply

    I try not to say if I can help it. Also I disagree with some if the activism styles, I don’t want to be associated with Aggression or Passive Aggression. Veganism has a bad reputation which is very sad.

  5. Kayla Miller Vige Reply

    I do not tell people anymore. But I think spreading the word of the damages animal proteins have on your body is important because I wish I knew before I got sick. I’m sure if more people were informed then they would change too. Also, I’ve noticed that most people do not even know the difference between a vegan/vegetarian/plant based lifestyle/nutritarian Maybe more information is needed. It’s not just about the animals anymore it’s ourselves and the planet. If you don’t know what’s killing you, and someone is trying to help you because it helped them. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  6. Jill Harrison Reply

    Ugh, I try not to. People are so judgemental and then that age old question pops up, ” so how do you get protein?”

  7. Ray del Sol Reply

    I do mention that I’m vegan whenever it makes sense in a conversation. The animal industries spend billions of dollars promoting their products to people wherever they turn, and animals are depending on us to be their voices, so staying silent and being vegan in secret doesn’t really help them much.

  8. Stephanie Kump Reply

    I don’t bring it up unless someone notices. Then I fess up. If they ask why I ask if they really care or if they are just going to be dicks about it. Usually that shuts them up before they can make backhanded comments about “how I’m wrong”. Also it allows someone who truly cares to find out the benefits!

  9. Coralie Sylvestre Reply

    Actually I am changing to a vegan style step by step. However it is very hard for me. Not to eat no animal products but the vegan people. Some wished me very nasty things when we were talking about animals and so on. I came from science and biology so when I gave them my point of view saying that people’s act is first of all a choice, they told me (and I quote them) : “I wish you to be raped one day like that we will tell you that it was raper’s choice to hurt you”.
    I was shocked!

  10. Maree Heal Reply

    That’s not true? Well only if you’re in it for your own personal health not the people and animals. By having a casual chat with a few of my friends I have changed them onto a plant based diet . Some people just have no idea so need to be educated . Only if they ask though or I never bring it up. But they always ask when I order food etc. I know what you’re saying but if no one told me anything I’d still be a flesh eater because I was truely unaware

  11. Matt Ryan Reply

    I do if it comes up in an organic way in conversation. Nothing to hide or be ashamed of. I like to answer myths and questions about vegans and people know what I’m really all about instead of letting them assume they know.

  12. Veronica Knight Reply

    I do tell people that I am a vegan if they offer me meat. i refuse I don’t preach my views but I am not going to hide my views. If people have a problem with it they are the problem.

  13. Tina Seiferling Reply

    I don’t start a conversation with it, even though I’ve had gay people start conversations with “hi! I’m Pete, I’m gay!”. If you’re proud of something and you wants shout it from te rooftops then so be it 🙂

  14. Linda Davis Reply

    I’ll mention it if it’s relevant, sure. Some people joke and offer me a potted plant for lunch, but no one has been nasty about it.

  15. Going Vegan Reply

    Don’t bother to talk to such people. They have prophesied their own future without even knowing it. Have a blessed weekend 🙂

    • Lex Reply

      You are one of those annoying vegans that give us a bad name.

  16. Danielle Cox Reply

    I prefer not to tell people anything about it until it becomes relevant or necessary. Ie. Catering for functions etc.

  17. Amy Dobson Reply

    Absolutely Maree!
    Being Vegan (for the animals, people and planet) is fundamentally about spreading awareness and educating people on the things that we didn’t know before we went Vegan.
    If no one had told me, I would never have been prompted to do some research and watch documentaries and make my life changing choice.
    It’s becoming easier and easier to be Vegan and people need to hear about it. It is a cause worth fighting for! In a pleasant way of course!

  18. Belen Ballesteros Reply

    You don’t want that kind of people in your life. Surround yourself with lovely friends and be compassionate towards the mean ones, they need it! Have a great weekend

  19. Yvonne Furniss Reply

    People need to know. Be educated! Not hide it. Be proud. But at the same time not throw it in their face. Alot of people still have no idea of the abuse to animals.

  20. Doreen Smith Reply

    I don’t bring it up unless it is necessary or in context. It s not a huge deal in terms of my day to day interactions with people. . It’s a choice.

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