No Religion On Earth Can Justify The Slaughter Of Animals For Food

Every now and then this issue seems to arrest repeated attention: Is there such a thing like “humane slaughter”? Of course, not! Killing animals can never be justified or trivialized by stunning animals shortly before their throat are cut. People who argue this way seem to wish they could justify their actions by referring to a “humane slaughter” which is an oxymoron itself. This discussion always becomes especially explosive when Islam and its practice of “halal slaughter” comes into play meaning that animals are killed without stunning them before in order to make their dying less painful. However, even this procedure arrives at the same result: The killing of an innocent animal. Read on to learn more about this highly controversial issue!

“Halal slaughter has once again stirred emotion. A study questioning the humaneness of not routinely stunning animals before cutting their throats has elicited further moral outrage. But doesn’t reserving hysteria only for halal miss the point entirely in the context of the wider meat industry? It’s a distraction from the real issue: that we slaughter animals at all. 

Debate around the ethics of pre-slaughter stunning versus halal slaughter is simply not worth having. It is nothing more than an argument for or against varying shades of heinous; a redundant and irrelevant comparison.

Stunning is often ineffective anyway, leaving the animals to die slowly in a semi-conscious state. Yet this is widely considered to be “humane”, especially by the anti-halal faction. Humane slaughter – now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. It is a myth, and does not exist. 

Regardless of the farming system used – whether organic, free range, halal, kosher – it doesn’t matter; animals will always be denied even their most basic needs. They live shortened lives of pain and suffering without any kind of freedom.  

We mustn’t forget that animal agriculture is an industry. It places profit as a priority, and like any other industry it cuts corners and costs, with scant regard for the animals themselves. They are treated like commodities, products, numbers and money.  

We can see quite clearly from the halal debate that the actual method of killing has become the only issue for lots of people. But it is actually just one part of a long and brutal meat production process. It’s merely the end point of a miserable existence. Animals are generally separated from their mothers at birth, fed unnatural foods and kept in cramp, squalid conditions largely indoors only to die a painful death. It’s no life.  

Exposed footage from a halal slaughterhouse in Yorkshire last year was horrific. But was it any worse than daily practices across non-halal abattoirs up and down the country? Absolutely not.  Such atrocities are not anomalies but rampant throughout UK animal agriculture, which purports to have the best welfare standards in the world. Sadly, this says more about other countries than it does about this one.

In addition, it was revealed just this week the filthy conditions endured by supermarket hens.

It’s not just about the animals. Spare a thought for abattoir workers. They see death and brutality every working day, doing the actual killing so you don’t have to. The only possible coping mechanism is to emotionally detach from the animals as living, sentient beings.”

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  1. Cindy Young-West Reply

    ‘Halal’ means that the animal has been consecrated to Allah and the blood spilled is the sacrifice. Do not eat ‘halal’ meats – you are participating in Islamic blood sacrifice. Sadly, many meat companies are killing animals in this way without divulging it to the consumer. Yet another reason to go vegan.

  2. Tammie Muscat Reply

    Amen to this NOT EVEN MINE! Christian Vegan here! When other Christians tell me “God gave us the animals to eat” it makes my blood boil! Wow talk about ignorance!

  3. Stefani Hatch Whitmer Reply

    I have been told so many times I am going to hell for not eating meat it is not funny. At first it hurt to be judged by my own congregation, now I just look at them and shake my head. We are told not to judge, and that is what they are doing.

  4. Tina Plumb Reply

    If anyone has seen earthlings on you tube it’s clear that if there is such a thing as Satan then this would be his industry

  5. Liz Vegochick Loria Reply

    I have left my faith because of the acceptance of slaughter and acceptance of sacrifice and eating of animals.
    32 years of faith down the drain.
    Veganism has changed me …my life. and sad as i am to do it…i have walked away

  6. Stefani Hatch Whitmer Reply

    Liz Vegochick Loria , my heart is breaking right now. It hurts me to hear that you have lost your faith. Our Heavenly Father is real and loves you. His son and our Savior Jesus Christ is real and loves you. I have found that many people on this earth do not understand them and are mean and judgmental. Please ignore them like I do and concentrate on what and who is important.

  7. Rachel Sambrano Walker Reply

    I can justify it, Our Creator said at Gen 9:3,4 – God told Noah “Every moving animal that is alive may
    serve as food for you, just as I gave you the green vegetation I give them all to you….
    If you chose to go Vegan , fine, but don’t impose it on others..

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