First Hospital In The “Cattle Country” Starts Promoting A Vegan Diet

If people had been told that there would be a hospital in this “cattle country” promoting a vegan diet, it would have sounded unbelievable. However, it became reality that the Midland Memorial Hospital started to promote a diet based on plant-based foods in order to help its patients prevent and cure disease. Quite obviously, it becomes more and more evident that health is based on the right diet and that a plant-based diet is very probably key to live healthy. If Texas among the US has started to reconsider its diet habits, the chances are not too bad that other states will follow soon.

“In cattle country, Texas’ Midland Memorial Hospital is promoting a plant-based plan to help its patients prevent and cure disease.

Midland Memorial Hospital—a leading medical facility in the state of Texas—is the first to promote a plant-based diet for treatment and prevention of disease. Staton Awtrey, MD, a cardiac surgeon at the hospital, told media outlet Fronteras: The Changing America Desk that “we decided to embark on offering plant-based meals first for the patients as a prescribed diet,” and revealed future plans of educating staff and visitors of the same. The hospital’s vice president of planning and marketing revealed that she is actively trying to reach clinicians, physicians, and dietitians with the information about plant-based eating—a lifestyle she herself adopted after attending a local seminar on the topic. “It is becoming mainstream,” Awtrey said, “and to deny it is just a fallacy. This is coming. We just want to be at the head of the pack.” Last year, the all-vegan hospital Barnard Medical Center opened in Washington DC, to promote food as medicine and have inspired many other medical facilities—including Maine Medical Center—to follow in its footsteps.”



  1. Katheryn Jackson Reply

    I was always like “i’m never going vegan” and then i watched a family member die from complications of poor nutrition (like, McDonalds & Doritos every day for 10 yrs straight) – 2 days later i went Vegan and have NOT LOOKED BACK! <3

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