Is Smoking Vegan?

It’s pretty clear by now that cigarettes are bad for your health, but are they objectionable from a vegan perspective? In this video,  another issue is discussed that seems to cause some irritations: Is smoking vegan?




  1. Stephanie M. Flores Reply

    No bc they have a chemicals in them that r tested on animals & also they have been proven to kill animals.. y would u smoke a product that hurts animals? Being vegan is a choice that means u dnt hurt animals and u r against companies that do

  2. Kerrie Reid Reply

    I’m doing the best I can food wise , cleaning products ,garments furniture and accessorises I will hold my hand up and say I smoke roll ups

  3. Eva Ferret Mehlum Reply

    Emily’s nugget on this topic is useful in a very broad spectrum.
    1 Smokers
    2 Vegans
    3 Animal lovers
    4 Environment
    5 Ethics
    6 Human rights
    7 Healt
    8 Economy
    9 Science
    10 Anti drug movement

    Please comment belowe if I forgot something..

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