Why The US Largest Grocer Wants To Free 20 Millions Hens From Cages

Now, this is breaking news for all vegan activists who are accountable for this unprecedented breakthrough and very probably historic victory beyond comparison. The US largest grocer, Kroger, has officially decided to stop battery cages and to make cage-free hens its only source of eggs by 2025. This is going to impact more than 2,600 retail locations in 34 states. The decision of the US largest grocer can undoubtedly be considered a milestone which is probably going to encourage other companies to follow soon.

“Following weeks of hard hitting and innovative campaigning led by The Humane League, Kroger, the country’s largest grocer, has officially committed to sourcing exclusively cage-free eggs by 2025.

This announcement — the largest victory of its kind — will free over 20 million hens from confinement and closes the door on battery cages in the US. Kroger’s commitment will impact over 2,600 retail locations in 34 states and will include all of Kroger’s subsidiaries.

I would like to extend enormous gratitude and congratulations to the thousands of activists in our network who made this victory a reality.

During the final weeks of this campaign, The Humane League and our supporters went all out to secure this victory. Tens of thousands mobilized to petition, spoke out on social media, and reached out directly to decision makers. Our national grassroots team took to the streets to inform Kroger customers directly.

Our campus teams mobilized across the country, signing up hundreds of students for our boycott via the Students Against Kroger website. And, finally, our campaigns team took the message to Kroger’s doorstep by buying ad space in front of its headquarters.

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The Kroger victory came after a successful five week campaign. But truthfully, this victory for animals was years in the making.

The Humane League has been fighting against battery cages for nearly a decade, perfecting our tactics on individual college campuses, winning change one dining hall at a time. Many of our campaigners (myself included) could not have predicted this victory five years ago. But thanks to your support and our network of volunteers, our movement gained incredible momentum. Our message was clear: cruelty is not good business.”

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