They Trust Us – We Betray Them

This might be one of the most effective campaign to increase awareness of the abuse of animals. The campaign launched by Go Vegan World featuring different animals with the slogan “They trust us – We betray them” on several billboards is indeed challenging. In fact, one of those billboards has even been set up infront of McDonald’s. People need to become far more sensitive to animal exploitation and this campaign is definitely going to contribute to make this happen. Of course, some people might still be left cold by them. However, many people might consider to change their diet habits and turn vegan eventually.

“Campaign targets fast-food chain customers with a powerful photo and slogan on animal exploitation.

going vegan health benefits

A new vegan billboard has been erected in front of a McDonald’s restaurant in Northeast England depicting a hand reaching out to pet a smiling piglet and the slogan, “They trust us. We betray them.” In addition to this billboard, the “They Trust Us” series includes images of chickens, rats, and cows, all including the same slogan. The powerful imagery is part of a larger strategic campaign launched July 4 by Go Vegan World that includes 320 advertisements, 28 bus signs, and 65 billboards across the United Kingdom placed near establishments that sell animal products.

going vegan health benefits

Several other ads display similar messages, including a photograph of a cow and calf with the statement, “Dairy takes babies from their mothers” and a photo of a chicken with the words “Humane eggs are a myth—don’t buy it.” In conjunction to the ads,Go Vegan World campaign manager Sandra Higgins is lecturing across the UK in order to bring awareness to the topic of animal exploitation. Similarly, animal-rights group Pig Freud posted educational posters with vegan messages on streets, buses, and buildings earlier this year in Bristol, England.”



  1. Candice Fleck Reply

    I like this. Sometimes people just need to see those sweet faces to help them along in their food choices. Even if it makes someone skip that 1 cheesburger that 1 time!

  2. Yvonne Furniss Reply

    Love it. People just bury their head in the sand so they don’t feel guilty eating animal flesh! People need shock treatment to wake up!! Why should we$#%&!@*foot around anymore! While billions of animals are been brutally abuse and slaughtered each year!!

  3. Michelle DiNovo Reply

    I had seen many ‘soft’ slogans and wanted to go vegan. It was only after seeing a graphic video that i knew i could not wait to learn how to be vegan, and I immediately went vegan because i could no longer contribute to animal suffering. The more graphic, the more real. The “Why love one, but not the other” isn’t enough. But slogans that show their suffering hits the spot, hopefully like it did for me. Just sayin’.

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