Imposing A Vegan Diet On Children Could Send Parents In Prison


  1. Jackie Cafaro Reply

    Of course it’s not intimidating. Parents would only be punished if their children became malnourished. Any parent should be punished for failing to properly feed their child. That includes parents of obese children who are clearly not feeding they kids properly.

  2. Haley Trujillo Reply

    If parents are not feeding their children right its because of veganism its because they are dumb fucks who dont know how to feed their child. They should be jailed. Dont let this scare you into not feeding your child vegan. As long as ur not a fucking idiot and know how to cook real food for your child and not leave them malnourished.

  3. Karina Waltos Reply

    So it’s ok to feed your child McDonald’s and processed food from the super markets and it’s bad too feed you child healthy vegetables and foods that there body needs ? Strange world.

  4. Jacqueline Briand Reply

    It’s all about money as usual. Don’t eat healthy or the meat and dairy industry and big pharma won’t make any more money. Then they won’t have political pull…

  5. Rachel Lea Ayers Reply

    Right because how else are they going to kill our kids if we make responsible parental decisions for healthier choices. It’s all in efforts to control, it’s money driven propaganda, the more unhealthy the more money they generate. Corrupted industries needed to make more money.

  6. Bobbi Schmidt Reply

    Wow the way I look at it is all these parents who think we are are crazy for being vegan.. Are fucken stupid. I know it’s the other way around look at what the he’ll they feed there kids. Complete poison animal parts chemicals food dyes.. Milk from another species list could go on. Fucken brainwashed. I’m far from perfect but really wake up people.

  7. Greta Gusman Reply

    I have a 15 year old vegan daughter who is healthy and is also a black belt in taekwondo. She’s not weakly or malnourished. If parents feed their children well, a vegan diet is amazing. This type of stuff is just propaganda put out there by the meat & dairy industry to intimidate people. I’ve had everyone I know coming to tell me about it because I’m the only person they know who is raising their kids vegan. It’s annoying to say the least.

  8. Catherine Wilkinson Reply

    I have never heard anything so stupid. Though if the government are involved I expect it.
    There have been billions of malnourished children over the years that eat a non vegan diet. How about they just make it illegal for any parent to under nourish their child… Full stop!!!!
    It’s so much healthier to feed your child a vegan diet. However as always it’s about variety. This is all propaganda to try and scare people. Wouldn’t be surprised if the meat and dairy industry were behind it. As for the government oh Lordy can you imagine the money they would lose if everyone was healthy and did not need medicines and did not buy their lies.
    There is no doubt what so ever that vegan is the best diet for all. People as always have to be sensible.
    Seems this world still has a lot to learn xx

  9. Jennie Mc Garry Reply

    I think a jail sentence for parents who don’t give children a healthy balanced diet would be more appropriate, you can be unhealthy regardless of diet

  10. Emma-lea Jade Smith Reply

    If your child is malnourished, it’s not because they are vegan it’s because you’re a shitty parent same as if your child is obese. Children are what you make them.

  11. Trish Smith Reply

    Again I repeat rise above people these articles are meant to separate and divide and point fingers at a different lifestyle DO NOT give in to this trap you do you I do me and we support each other one does not have to agree to support but once you bash how another parent feeds their kids it’s over you have failed as a human I repeat please don’t buy into this foolishness my sister Tammy Good is vegan I am not but I support her right to do her lifestyle how she chooses and that’s it saying things that point fingers at one side or the other is ridiculous because NOONE can possibly know other houses situations so please everyone just support others lifestyles whether you agree or not cause I support my sister 100%

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