How To Replace Milk Or Buttermilk

For a vegan, milk from any type of animal (sheep, cow, goat, etc.) is additionally restricted. It is likewise a quite common ingredient with baking and food preparation. Milk is also much less complicated to replace than eggs.

To replace milk in recipes, just substitute any one of these vegan options. For example, if the dish asks for one cup of milk, use rather one cup of soy milk. Below are some different milk alternatives:

Soy Milk

Soy milk is available in a wide range of flavours and is readily offered. Flavours include vanilla, unsweetened, delicious chocolate, and even egg nog. Some brands are thicker and creamier compared to others. You might have to do some trying out before you find the brands that suit best to you. Unless it has a unique flavour, soy milk is fairly neutral and blends well in recipes. Soy milk is likewise abundant in healthy protein.

Nut Milks

Nut milk drinks such as almond milk and hazelnut milk are additional options. Unlike soy milk, nut milks have a distinct flavour and might not fit well with every dish. There are sweetened and bitter nut milks, too.

Rice Milk

Rice milk additionally provides a fantastic option to substitute milk in recipes. Rice milk has a very light taste and blends well in recipes. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that rice milk normally does not include a lot of healthy protein, so you should make sure to compensate that from another source.

The more you get used to these various tastes of milk substitute products, the more you will intuitively know what fits best with your dish.


Buttermilk is also a vital ingredient used in a number of various recipes. For a vegan, using buttermilk is not allowed as it is an animal product. Buttermilk is merely normal milk that has been cultured, which means that it has some good microorganisms in it similar to yogurt.

Fortunately, you can easily make your own. The process is as follows. It makes one cup of vegan-friendly buttermilk.

1) Put one cup of soy milk in a Pyrex glass.

2) Include 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice and mix.

3) Allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes before using it.

Soy milk works the very best. Rice milk and nut milk do not work so well. The chemistry of soy milk is much better suited.

Image Source: Charley Haynes

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